update :)

 alrighty we are almost half-way through the “long” stretch of zach being in virginia for 5 weeks.  right after he left, i posted a list of things i was planning to work on.  let’s take a look and see how things are coming along:

the list —
_ learn to crochet
_ watch John Adams  
_ plan and host courtney’s bridal shower w/ raigan
_ help carrie daukas paint her downstairs bathroom
_ visit victoria in tucson for a weekend
_ read Northanger Abbey
_ work on developing the SGC wedding planning/coordinator manual from the current policy
finish the “quilt” i started months ago (not full size – it actually be
more of a runner for the wooden chest at the foot of my bed)

and how is it coming?

_well, bonnie came over last weekend and taught me to crochet!  or rather, re-taught me.  i had learned years ago from my grandmother but completely forgotten.  don’t worry, it all came back quite quickly.  šŸ˜‰ bonnie and made white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and then watched The Bourne Identity while crocheting.  oh man, i forgot how FUN and nearly therapeutic crocheting is.  i’m loving it!

i’m starting with something nice and easy – a potholder/hot pad. 

i’m making 2 “rectangles” the same size and then i’m going to stitch them together – one on top of the other – so the thickness is a bit more conducive to protecting surfaces from very hot pots and pans. 

_i’ve started Northanger Abbey – as you can see above (“currently reading”) and enjoying it very much thus far!

_ courtney’s bridal shower was last weekend and it was a smashing success!  pictures coming soon!

_due to circumstances beyond my control, painting carrie’s bathroom is on hold until further notice. 

_this weekend i drove to tucson to visit my dear friend Victoria, who lives with my aunt and uncle down there (ok ok so i went to visit them too!) 

saturday afternoon we hung out with victoria’s fam and carved pumpkins!!  would you believe that i have NEVER carved a pumpkin before in my life?!  i know, so sad.

we met up with her sister leah, brother curtis and curtis’ girlfriend natasha and bought pumpkins at walmart

the little one on the bottom is mine

so of course, being my first time, i decided to go with an easy and simple design, right?  HA.  this is me we’re talking about.  here was my initial sketch:

(before you’re too impressed, i feel that it is my duty to inform you that i chose a candle because it’s literally the only thing i know how to draw)

the carving table:

working away (oh man, it was SO fun!):

the finished product!

leah made a “pumpkin snowman” that turned out super cute:

group shot:

(L-R: susie (victoria’s mom), natasha, tami the dog, leah, curtis, me, grandma, victoria)

ruth also came over and we watched The Scarlet Pimpernal.  ah, so good!

favorite/most romantic line of the movie: “who knew your tears would be the worst form of torture?”  ::sigh::

_I haven’t started John Adams or the wedding manual yet… planning to work on the quilt this coming weekend…

in other news, Zach and i have been able to talk on the phone every night, which has been awesome and really helpful. 

(yes i actually did take this picture while on the phone with Zach )

we also get to text off and on during the day when it’s a bit slower on the set.  which makes me very happy.   

God has given us much grace and actually really blessed us during this longer time apart and we’ve had some great conversations over the phone that have grown us individually as well as together in this relationship.  every day i’m more aware of God’s goodness to me through Zach, God’s hand clearly moving and directing this relationship, as well as more aware of Zach’s maturity and Godliness and how unbelieveably blessed I am to be in a courtship with such an amazing man! 


2 thoughts on “update :)

  1. Being away from Zach must be immensely difficult, but you sound positive.I am impressed with both your crocheting and carving skills! Thanks for posting the pictures. I am not impressed that you watched the Scarlet Pimpernel, just jealous, because that’s one of my favorite movies EVER!!!We’re watching John Adams right now. I think its pretty boring as far as movies go, but the history is interesting. I usually end up laying down and just listening to the dialogue because dialogue is all that’s happening.

  2. We’ll have to have a crocheting night when you come out! šŸ™‚ And yes, Tilney is possibly the cutest dog ever, and much time is spent cuddling, chasing, and laughing at him when he chases his tail then tips over when he gets too dizzy. Awesome pumpkin carving skills by the way šŸ™‚

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