wow i really need to update this thing, don’t i?  sorry friends! 

so… zach came back to phoenix on november 8th after 5 very looooong weeks working as a grip on a film set in virginia.  let me tell you, 5 weeks apart was rough.  neither of us liked it very much.  at all.  ick.  no bueno.  and we are both vowing to do our very best to try NOT to repeat a stint like that. 

but honestly, looking back (haha – easy to say a lot when you’re “looking back”), i’m so grateful we went through it.  yes, it was hard at times, but God’s grace was new and real to me in ways i wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.  i knew this in the midst of it too.  not ALL of these thoughts are based on hindsight.  🙂  i’m freshly grateful for daily grace.  i found myself dependent on it more than ever before. 

after greeting zach at the airport with the biggest. hug. ever. we went over to tempe town lake for a picnic.  we ate and relaxed on the blanket just enjoying the gorgeous weather.  we kept having to scoot and shift as the sun moved and we’d start to bake.  it was rather comical. 

the week that followed was a blast!  i had to work mon-thurs but we still managed to get coffee beforehand a couple times and often did lunch together and ran errands, etc.  highlights from the week would be:

_dinner at the shapiro home – while dinner was being made, zach and isaac put together a little “newly-courting game” where zach and i were quizzed on each other’s favorites (movie, soda, worship song, store, candy, sport, etc).  for the record – i won.  and by a good margin too, i might add.  (ok ok, i must confess – i was actually surprised that i won.  i thought for sure i would lose!)

_watching House together.  House is zach’s favorite show and i’ve actually enjoyed watching episodes with him.  in an effort to save money, i rented season 2 from the library and we watched several while he was here. 

_we went shooting!  there is a shooting range a couple miles from my house and zach and i went and shot handguns.  it’s been several years since i had been shooting and it was a blast! 

_we saw Quantum of Solace (the new James Bond movie) at midnight!  it was fun to see a movie at midnight (esp since i didn’t have to work the next day) and it was a good action flick.  but in my opinion, that’s pretty much all there was to it.  lots of action.  classic james bond.  no plot whatsoever.  (at least Casino Royale had a decent plot)  ::shrug::  it was still fun.  🙂

_at the end of the week my dear friend courtney got married!  i was privileged to be a bridesmaid in the wedding party and i was thrilled that zach got to attend the wedding too.  i think weddings are a lot more fun when you have a special someone to share it with.  🙂 

and because i was a little distracted and generally just bad with taking pictures, i took ZERO pictures during the week.  BUT!  thankfully, drew mackay grabbed a friend’s camera at the wedding reception and took a bunch of zach and i.  thanks drew!  here are a few of my favorites —

i leave wednesday evening for pasadena to spend thanksgiving with zach and his family.  and even better – my parents are driving over and will be meeting me there!!!  zach and i are both THRILLED to have our families together for the holiday weekend!  yay! 

i’ll try to remember to take pictures…  🙂


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