my parents and i spent thanksgiving this year in pasadena, california with the boomsma family! 🙂

thursday morning we drove to millard’s canyon and did a light hike – a boomsma family tradition. 
here is the whole B family:

(L-R:  Ron, Ashley, Zach, Tami, Paige, Taylor, Courtney)

zach and i at the little waterfall in the canyon:

dinner was wonderful! 

friday morning the guys went and played golf and the ladies (mom and I & tami and courtney) had tea in sierra madre.  🙂

one of the highlights of the weekend was getting to help courtney with her final project for her photography class.  yeah, twist my arm and FORCE me to have pictures taken of my and my man.  ha!  we went down to old towne pasadena friday afternoon for the photo shoot.  zach was a great sport (he strongly dislikes taking pictures) and courtney got some great shots! 

here are some of my favorites:
(please note – all pictures are courtesy of and belong to Courtney Boomsma – she gave me permission to share them with y’all because she’s nice like that.  )

our height proportions are rather comical sometimes…  “you know it’s a good thing you’re not a big FAT guy, or this would be reeeeaally difficult!”

then we started “play fighting”:

and of course he started tickling me – one of his favorite pastimes.

zach likes to make my hair all messy. 

courtney told zach to lean forward…  “hey luc, is this guy bothering you?  it looks like he’s…leaning.”  haha

these last few are my favorites!  the distance and focus on them turned out really cool! 

isn’t he SO handsome?! 

those of you who know me well know that i’m totally a “little miss sunshine” kind of person.  i smile a lot and i’m not very afraid of the camera!  so i REALLY felt like a photography model in some of these pictures – all non-smiley and everything.  haha!

a bunch more of the pictures that Courtney took are up on her photobucket here.

the weekend was also full of other fun things like playing nertz/dutch blitz (zach and i totally dominated yet again –  bwahahah!), running random errands or taking care of last minute things at the church building, hanging out with the families, watching movies (or the pilot episode of macgyver), laughing a lot, triple dating with both sets of parents, and enjoying gorgeous weather!

as always, the weekend was over far too quickly.    but we had a great time and a safe drive home.  oh yeah, and then there’s this thing called ‘real life’ that i have to get back to…  


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