christmas to me

 everyone has special things (or even just random things) that make up “christmas” to them.  sounds, smells, sights.  traditions.  here are some things that just “are” christmas to me. 

as embarrasing and cheesy as it may be, there are certain christmas albums that i’ve grown up listening to and just LOVE!

my family has always gotten a REAL christmas tree.  a douglas fir.

we put colored mini lights on it and lots of homey ornaments that
have been given to us and collected over the years.  some of them date
back as far as my parents first christmas together in 1979!  i think my favorite christmas smell – hands down – is the smell of the pine tree that permeates our house for weeks once we get the tree up.  (i also beg my parents to put the tree up in the front bay window of the house every year.  last year was the first year i lost  )

every year i try to see Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker ballet.  i just LOVE it.
I never tire of the music or the story.  I also try and read this version of the story every year. 

and of course, there’s always the favorite christmas movies!

don’t forget the classic:

and what would christmas be without cookies?!  for as long as i can remember, my mom has always only made one kind of cookie every year: spritz cookies.  they are a simple butter cookie recipe (that my mom got from her mom) that you make with a cookie press.  very simple but absolutely scrumptious!  for the last several years, mom and i have spent the better part of a day making hundreds of these cookies.  after 4-5 hours the kitchen table is just covered with them!  mmmmm!

one of the blessings of having grandparents and most of our extended family living in town, is that christmas has always been spent with family.    traditional meals at grandparents’ homes christmas eve, the 4 of us on christmas morning, my aunt and uncle and cousins driving up from tucson christmas afternoon…  ah, so wonderful! 

one of my favorite things to do every christmas is participate in an outreach ministry.  whether it be Angel Tree, or Samaritan’s Purse, or this year, our church is sponsoring children from an orphanage associated with our sister church in Juarez, Mexico, it is such a joy and privilege to bless others – especially children – during this special time of year. 

obviously, these things aren’t what MAKE christmas truly Christmas.  they’re just fun things that make up some of the fun during the month of december.   

what things make your december particularly fun? 


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