it’s FINALLY starting to really feel like christmas to me now…  since i started working full time, i’m not out and about during the day so i feel like i miss out on a lot of the decorations, cheesy instore christmas music, and the general holiday cheer (or not) of the general public.  the days can seem to still feel just like every other day of the year if i’m not intentional.  so getting it to “feel” like christmas sometimes doesn’t happen until a few certain things take place…

thursday night my mom and i went and saw the Nutcracker at symphony hall downtown. 

::happy sigh::  that story is so magical to me.  i’d forgotten how lovely it is.  if God blesses me with a daughter, i am absolutely getting her all dressed up in a pretty dress and taking her to see it.  it’s like every little girl’s dream story!  the happiness of christmas, the thrill of receiving a special present, the excitment of an adventure, being threatened by an evil mouse king and then rescued by a prince (and getting to help him no less!), and then being whisked away to a beautiful fantasy world full of color and dancing and glittering snow and happy faces and lovely dancing.  aaaahhh! 

ok so maybe this isn’t EVERY little girl’s dream, but it certainly was mine!  i loved stuff like that.  i always wanted to think of myself as a tomboy, but deep down i really was a girly-girl through and through.  and while some of that has been tempered and modified with age and maturity (i hope!), i’m still completely drawn to beauty and colors and all things lovely and romantic. what can i say? 

so yeah.  being downtown amidst all the lights and decorations and going to a holiday show made it really start to feel like christmas. 

so i did some shopping today (all finished now!).  i enjoy running errands and checking things off my list in general, but at christmas time, my favorite part is getting to actually WRAP the gifts i’ve purchased.  i think i shall begin that tonight. 

baking is another element that makes it finally feel like christmas!  tonight i quadrupled a recipe and made 9 (+2 mini) loaves of pumpkin-cranberry bread.  i LOVE our recipe for this bread and we typically only make it during the holiday season.  so when the unique smell of this bread baking permeates the house, it always makes it really feel like christmas.  note to my fellow bakers: quadupling a recipe that regularly makes two loaves… um, let’s just say it’s better to double the recipe and then double it again instead of attempting to do a quadruple all at once.  just trust me on this one. 

we got our christmas tree on wednesday!  yay!  my 2nd favorite smell in the whole world is now wafting through the house, greeting me afresh every time i walk thru the front door.  so glorious! 

oh there’s my timer – bread’s done! 


3 thoughts on “finally…

  1. Only daughters can go to the nutcracker?!?!?  Shucks, I was hoping to take Xander in a year or two…  (don’t tell Rich I just said that)
    The bread looks amazing.  Where’s the recipe?!?!?  I have pumpkin puree in my freezer that wants to be made into this! 🙂

  2. Yah for dressing up, times with Mom, the Nutcracker, baking, pine trees, and all other things Christmasy! Glad it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas for you, friend!

  3. You always dreamt of being threatened by an evil rat king????? lol.If you end up having only boys, too, can I pretend to be your daughter so you’ll take me? :~)

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