“you guys work on sundays now?”
“it’s wednesday, david.”
– sabrina

i like wednesdays.  early morning TFS prayer before work… a starbucks run between prayer and work… wednesday is the half-way day for the week… yeah, i like wednesdays. 

this particular wednesday is an important day however.  today, zach goes in for his FAA interview down at the airport.  i don’t know all the details but i do know that it will most likely involve 8 hours of proficiency testing, stress tests, medical exams, psych evaluation, and an actual interview with someone about the job they’d like to offer zach at el monte airport.

if you think of it, please pray for zach today!  specifically for clarity of mind and quick thinking and calm nerves.  God has definitely gifted zach in the areas he needs for this kind of a job and he also loves the material and the subject matter, so he’s in a great place for this.  we’re also praying that his post-interview security clearance and screening will go faster than expected so that he can get to the training academy in oklahoma city ASAP so he can actually start working as an air traffic controller SOON! 

thanks for your prayers – i’ll keep you all updated! 


One thought on “wednesday

  1. I’ll be praying for him! 🙂 May God richly bless Zach with clarity of mind & wisdom to answer all questions asked, as well as favor in the interview process.

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