wow, i have a lot to catch up on don’t i?  you know, if i blogged more
frequently and/or consistently, this really wouldn’t happen.  yeah,
yeah, i know, i know.  😉

ok, so for all my faithful readers, here is an attempt at a brief update on the last month or so…

this year felt very different.  kinda wierd.  i think some of it was
just part of “growing up.”  since my brother and i were most interested
in clothes or other such practical items this year, we had made plans
to do a family shopping night in lieu of christmas gifts.  well, plans
changed and my mom and i ended up just going out together the day
before christmas eve.  we had a great time shopping together and i
found some wonderful clothes that i am so blessed to now have, but it
was just a bit weird to, for the first time, pick out and try on my own
christmas presents, watch my mom pay for them, and then also watch her
wrap them the next day for me to open that night at grandma’s house or
the next morning.  i’m not sure if it’s the little girl in me, or just
my love of surprises that causes me to get a little sad when the
mystery of christmas presents is eliminated.  it’s one of my favorite
parts!  but alas, sometimes those things get sacrificed for
practicality or necessity.  and christmas is obviously about so much
more than presents.  but even being with family felt really different
with different family members coming and going, having to split their
time between in-laws, or not being able to come at all.  zach and i
decided to spend christmas with our families and thus were not together
for christmas.  that felt a bit “off” as well.  so yeah – christmas was
just different this year.  not bad.  just… different. 

new years
years on the other hand was both different and the same.  i headed out
to pasadena two days after christmas and stayed through new years day. 
i got 6 whole days to be in zach’s town, with his family, etc.  in some
ways, this was nothing new.  i’ve spent 4 of the past 5 new years’ out
in pasadena hanging with friends, camping out on Colorado Blvd and
lining the streets to watch the Rose Bowl Parade.  so much of this was
very familiar to me.  it was different though in that obviously zach
and i had never spent this holiday “together” in the relationship sense
of the word and it was really fun to share it this year.  his family
got sick with various flu symptoms 2 days after i got there, and i
came down with a fever myself so i spent the latter 3 days of my trip
staying with jonathan and nicole and laying low at their apartment. 
zach and i ended up NOT doing the campout and parade, but instead spent
new years eve with friends.  i played Rock Band for the first time and
LOVED it!  the drums were the only instrument i played – and oh boy
were those FUN! 

singles retreat
a week after
new year’s was our church’s annual singles retreat up in prescott,
arizona.  this year we had 4 churches’ singles groups participate from
gilbert, el paso, tucson, and pasadena.  zach drove out a day early so
we could drive up to the retreat together.    thankfully there were
quite a few people at the retreat who took pictures so this blog post is not completely devoid of photos for y’all, since we all know how great i am
at remembering to take pictures… 

team games – this one was called “sinking ship” where we had to fit all NINE members of our team on a decreasing number of cinder blocks.  we got down to 2!

here i am maneuvering through an obstacle course blindfolded, with a teammate verbally guiding me through (sorry it’s kinda hard to find me in the picture – i’m in the righthand corner, crawling): 

me and my cousin Timarie:

me and my friend victoria (who feels like my cousin since she lives with timarie and fits right into the family!):


zach and i doing one of our favorite things :

yeah.  and right after the singles retreat i had a birthday.  i’m now
26.  closer to 30 than i am to 20.  that’s a little freaky.  especially
since i really only FEEL like i’m 22…  um, can we not talk about this
anymore?  ok yeah, moving on…

so last
friday night my fantastic boyfriend showed up at my doorstep completely
unanticipated!  he surprised me and came out for the weekend!  YAY!  i
LOVE surprises and having him suddenly in town is the best surprise i
could ask for!  we had a chill weekend…  coffee, some light shopping
(3 cheers for aeropostale hoodies and $10 clearance jeans!), walking
around the phx/mesa gateway airport, lunch, dropping by to say hi and
hang out with friends, and an impromptu date zach/andrea style, coffee,
church, more lunch and hanging with friends, more coffee, wonderful
conversations and making great memories.  ::happy sigh::

zach’s job
many of you have asked what the latest is on zach’s job.  well,
yesterday he spent the whole day down at LAX Airport going through the
“interview” process.  they call it an interview, but it’s really so
much more.  it’s hours of stress testing, medical testing, psych
evaluation, proficiency testing, AND an “interview”.  yeah.  it’s
intense.  he passed all his tests with flying colors and they accepted
him into the FAA.  now he just has to wait on his security clearance to
go through and then he’s off to oklahoma city for 5-6 weeks for
training at the FAA training facility there and then he can start
working as an air traffic controller at el monte airport!  woo-hoo!!! 
i’m not entirely sure when exactly the training session will happen (as fantastic as government jobs can be, they sometimes take quite a bit of time for all the details to get worked out) but
we’re definitely praying it happens sooner rather than later.  he can’t
wait to get into his “real” profession!  


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  1. ok, so i felt the same about my christmas!!! it was really weird, too. good, but just…weird. :o/ why do we have to grow up again??????
    heard you got to hang w/ some pretty awesome people over new year’s. 😉 sooooooo sorry you were sick, though! ugh!!
    and 26?!?!?!? congrats, babe! i’m so proud of you for makin it this far! lol! happy birthday…late. :o/
    so…i wanna hang out.

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