as if i needed another reason to hate cats…

i just want to say up front – to all my cat-loving friends: this is in no way a reflection of our friendship or my feelings toward you.

so i’ve recently discovered that i’m very allergic to cats.  who knew?

i remember a couple times in high school spending time at a friend’s house who had a cat and maybe going home with a few sniffles, but nothing else.  never thought much of it.  my brother is allergic to cats and so is my mom, but not me, right?  apparently not.

last time i was in pasadena a group of us went to hang out at a couple’s apartment one night.  within 20 minutes of being there i was sneezing and blowing my nose and getting all congested like crazy.  small apartment + almost ALL carpet floors + 2 cats = NO BUENO.  after about an hour, zach and i went to target where i bought some benadryl and a box of tissues (so i could stop carrying around the roll of toilet paper i had found under the bathroom cabinet).  ugh.  it was not fun.  i felt ok the next morning, a little off and still blowing my nose, but at least it was over. 

the following night i came down with a 24 hour fever/flu bug.  didn’t assume it was connected to the allergic reaction.  still don’t. 


since i’ve pretty much gone 25 years without ever having to pay attention to whether or not someone had cats, it didn’t occur to me to ask that question this past sunday.  oops.  i spent 4+ hours watching the super bowl in a house with a cat… and 2 rabbits.  my mom had done some research a couple months ago and found out that rabbit dander is actually very similar to cat dander and therefore people who are allergic to cats can often have a similar reaction to rabbits.  which means double whammy for me.  yikes!  2 benadryl helped, but it also made me super drowsy so that i practically slept through the 3rd and 4th quarters of the super bowl.  lame, i know. 

i slept awfully sunday night, went into work for about 45 minutes before realizing that it was taking nearly all of my energy and mental capacity just to listen to and comprehend what sussy was trying to tell me about her weekend. i went home to spend the rest of the day in bed watching The Pretender on my laptop and sleeping. 

so i had an allergic reaction.  no big deal right? 

well for some reason the congestion and sneezing and alternating stuff/runny nose has continued in full force for the last 4 days.  i’m well enough to function, go to work, be sociable, etc. but my sinuses still seem to be having a field day.  i’m beginning to think this is no longer carry-over from sunday night but rather a full blown head cold.

does anybody else find it strange that a legitimate infection/virus/sickness would immediately follow an allergic reaction BOTH times?  i don’t know what to make of it. 

except – it’s not like i needed another reason to hate cats… 

ok i’m off to take some more sudafed, blow my nose, prop myself up to a 90* angle in bed and attempt to breathe out of the one nostril that’s not complely plugged while i fall asleep.  bleck.

good night all! 


One thought on “as if i needed another reason to hate cats…

  1. It’s a little odd that you got sick both times, but I’ve seen that kind of thing before (my family gets pretty bad allergies too). I think your immunity’s down when you body’s freaking out over an allergy and there’s been a lot of cold bugs going around lately so you just picked it up…twice….? bleck. Sorry

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