best. valentine’s. ever. :)

so i had a BLAST celebrating my very first valentine’s day!  of course, i went to pasadena and zach and i had the perfect weekend with ALL of our favorite things!

roller coasters
being together
holding hands
perfect weather
hanging with the boomsma fam

zach and i spent valentine’s day at Six Flags Magic Mountain!  we both love roller coasters and hadn’t been to MM in almost a year. 
we actually got season passes this time so we can go back whenever we
want!  i had never seen the park so empty!  it was crazy!  i thought
that between a double holiday weekend (president’s day and valentine’s
day) plus being a saturday, the park would be pretty busy.  nope!  we
went on every single ride we wanted to and never waited more than 10
minutes.  we actually went on Goliath THREE TIMES in a row because
there was no one in line to get on after us!  we got there when the
park opened at 10:30 and by 3:15 we were ready to bail.  but we’ll
definitely be back!

on our way:

the front entrance – woo-hoo!

in line for Riddler’s Revenge:

(aand then my camera promptly died.  so i got no other pictures.  sorry.  )

after leaving MM we stopped at starbucks, where zach locked the keys in the car.  yeah.  thankfully we were in a plaza with a grocery store where we could buy some wire coat hangers.  and thankfully jimmy-ing a car lock is within my boyfriends range of mad skills.  only took him 45 minutes!   

i asked zach if we could watch a “valentine-y movie” this trip.  as in – not an action flick.  he very sweetly agreed and let me pick out TWO chick flicks, which we watched together over the weekend.  i picked:

ok so i know i’m biased, but c’mon – how can you not love the whole “best friends who end up together” thing?  so cute!

and we also watched:

ok we seriously could not have asked for more perfect weather this weekend.  it rained on friday and on sunday, but not on saturday!  and while it was overcast and cloudy the whole drive up to MM, we came around the mountain and it was literally as if the clouds parted RIGHT over the park.  ::cue angel chorus::  it was fantastic!  zach and i both enjoy the rain, and especially enjoy when we can experience the rain together.  driving in the rain or sitting in a coffee shop while it’s raining…  aaahhhh yes…. 

ironically i left [or had to leave] ALL of my valentine’s day presents in pasadena.  zach gave me this amazing picture frame collage that i accidentally dropped in an attempt to pick up my luggage AND the frame.  the corner and the edge split a little so zach said he’d fix it and bring it out with him next time he comes (which will hopefully be very soon!).  and he also wrote me [another] song and i somehow grabbed the wrong cd out of the car at the airport and didn’t realize it until i went to play it for my brother (he picked me up last night).  ::sigh::  and THEN some of zach’s friends from starbucks gave me a whole bottle of the pumpkin spice syrup from starbucks (my favorite!!) but i couldn’t fit it in my bag, plus i wouldn’t have been able to carry it on anyway since it’s a bit more than 3oz of liquid.  yeah.  isn’t that so sad though?  such wonderful presents and none of them made it home with me! 

well, regardless, the weekend was fantastic and wonderful and absolutely the BEST trip ever!  i’ve discovered that i pretty much say that after every trip, but it’s true!  every trip is even better than the one before.  

i like valentine’s day. 


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