another visit :)

zach came out to visit this weekend – yay!  i’m quite the fan of back-to-back weekend visits.  🙂 

since zach is looking for work during this interim before heading to the training academy for ATC, we have been trying to come up with activities and things that cost little to no money.  one activity we did was work on a puzzle we had started when he was in town for a week back in november. 

here’s how far we got after starting it a couple months ago:


and here’s the progress we made:

it’s rather slow going, with spurts of progress… but we’re both enjoying it!

zach also brought with him the picture frame he made me for valentine’s day (see previous post).  yay!  we hung it in my room right away:

he drove back to pasadena this afternoon, which made me very sad.    but i’ll be back out there in less than two weeks for a wedding i’m in that’s happening just north of valencia.  can’t wait!

oh, and just for fun – here’s another picture that someone sent me via email today.    it was taken at josh and courtney johnson’s rehearsal dinner. 

::happy sigh::  i likes him so much. 


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