The Story – With Pictures!

Alrighty folks, here is the long a-waited for engagement story!  

Saturday morning Zach and I got coffee and drove out to Brackett Airfield – which is the airfield associated with his school – where they do pilot training, one of his former classmates works there, one of his former profs has an office there – so Zach has connections with people at Brackett, etc.  One of his former profs took us up in a Cessna…

and we flew for about an hour over to Catalina Island.  

After flying all around the island and ooing and aahing over the gorgeous coastline and landscape we landed at Avalon airport.

At that point, Zach and I went off on our own and got bus tickets down into the little town of Avalon which sits right along the coast on (I think) the eastern side of Catalina.  
(on the bus…)

The first thing we did in Avalon was get lunch because we were both starving at that point.  Haha!  After lunch we walked around along the cove and wandered over to the ferry dock and looked out on the water and enjoyed the amazing weather.  Seriously, we could not have asked for a better day.  75 degrees… sunny… clear blue skies… slight breeze… gah!  It was perfect!  From the ferry landing we strolled along back along the cove looking at all the fun typical beachside shops, talked about getting an ice cream cone later, and decided to “wander” farther down the coast line where it got more rocky.  We half climbed to this perfect little spot on a rocky part of the coast, away from other people.  

We’d only been sitting there for a few minutes when Zach asked me,
“So, do you remember that question [you asked me earlier in the week, that I told you to hang on to for later]?”  
“What was it?”
“‘How much do you like me?’”
“Oh sweetheart, I like you so very much.  I more than like you…  I love you.”
At this point he paused for a brief moment in which I thought to myself, “so… is this just a special day where he decides to tell me that he loves me?  Or is he going to ask me to marry him?  Should I say ‘I love you’ back?!”
But I didn’t say anything, I just looked back at him and smiled.  And then he said,
“Will you marry me?”
“Yes!  A hundred thousand times yes!”
And then he kissed me and held me and I cried.  My dream had come true.  


Then he pulled the ring out of his pocket, disclaiming as he did so, “Now, I know this isn’t the ring you had wanted specifically, nor the cut or design, but this is a family ring – it’s my grandmother’s diamond – that I want you to have and to wear until we can go together to get the ring you want.  If you’re going to wear a ring for the rest of your life, I want to make absolutely sure that you love it.  So we’ll go get the ring you love and we’ll have this diamond set in it.”  Could I ask for anything more?!  It was so special!!!

Then, Zach told me about the cutest idea he had and was planning.  He thought we should go and buy Catalina Island hoodies to commemorate.  Awww, he knows that I have a thing for hoodie sweatshirts.  Haha!  So we went and got ice cream and picked out our sweatshirts and then headed over to the ferry landing – we were taking the ferry home!

Zach had gotten tickets for the “Commodore Lounge” on the ferry, so we were able to ride inside a private room (about 50 seats or so), with complimentary beverages, etc.  Once we boarded and sat down, the stewardess (is that what they’re called on a boat?  I have no idea…) came over and goes, “How are you two today?” and I couldn’t resist saying, “Great! We just got engaged!” To which she replied, “Oh that’s WONDERFUL!  I’ll go get you some champagne then!”  Haha!

We arrived back at the Long Beach Ferry Landing where Zach’s mom had planned a little engagement party for us with some of our mutual friends (mostly the Bairds – Zach’s 2nd family), yummy food, and really cute decorations.  Zach had also chosen a weekend that my parents were in town for a basketball tournament, so they were able to be at the party too! 

We retold the story…

and looked at the pictures and had a toast…

Ah!  The whole day was just so romantic and perfect and wonderful.  I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal! 

Ok now for a few FAQs:

“Did you know he was going to propose? / Did you have any idea?” – Weeelll, yes, I did start to develop a suspicion beginning Thursday based on a few little things I had noticed.  But despite suspecting, I was in no way disappointed or let down.  In fact, the whole day was far more amazing than I could have planned or asked for! 

“What does *the* ring look like?” – Sorry, there isn’t a photo of it online anywhere.  You’ll just have to wait until I get it and I can show it off in person.  Or you can ask me and I can attempt to describe it in person – it’s a very unorthodox ring for this type of occasion, so even then it’s a bit difficult to accurately describe.  I’m also not entirely sure when we’ll be getting it.  But don’t worry – once I have it, I will definitely post pictures and happily show it off to anyone who wants to see it! 

“Do you guys have a date yet?” – No.  We’re thinking toward the fall, but we don’t know if it will be as early as August or as late as November.  I didn’t quite realize that can be a lot of factors that play into simply deciding on a wedding date!  Plus, Zach is still looking for a full time job (ATC is all set in place to still happen, but there is a delay in his hiring due to the California state budget crisis.  So he’s looking for a full time job to do until ATC happens).  So there’s a lot up in the air and a lot to think and work through.  I actually anticipate it taking us at least a month or two before we are able to land on a date.  But we’re definitely already talking about all sorts of other fun details and many of the smaller decisions are falling into place super easily.  We see very eye to eye on most things and are both completely thrilled to be planning this wedding!  ☺



8 thoughts on “The Story – With Pictures!

  1. Yaaaayyyy!!! SO happy for you guys!! I love, love, love those pictures, too! Especially that second one right after he proposed… you can just see how happy you are, it’s like out of a magazine or something! Andrea’s engaged!!!!! Yay!!!

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