i made it!

sooo… as many of you dear readers probably already knew, my friend lydia from gaithersburg, MD came to visit me a couple weeks ago.  i don’t exactly remember how or when we first met, but i think it actually developed after several months of “stalking” each other via our respective blogs.  ah, the internet.  🙂 

anyway, after following lydia’s blog for years, it was always sort of a secret dream of mine to maybe, just maybe, make it ONTO her blog one of these days…  well – i did it!  haha!  lydia posted about her visit here with pictures – including some gorgeous ones of my family!  check it out here.

the other half of my not-so-secret (anymore) dream is to make it onto her blog for *another* reason.  and Lord-willing, that will happen too!  it’s definitely a greater possibility now that there is a ring on my finger! 

thanks Lydia for being such a special part of my life – and for coming to see me!!!



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