(warning – no pictures.  just a random update on wedding details and such)

it’s only been 4 weeks since the engagement and lots has happened. 
wedding plans are underway!  and the decision-paralyzation and
overbearing sense of urgency has already set in.  even for someone who
spends half of their job doing event planning, not to mention wedding
coordinating on the side.  yes, even one such as me, is subject to the
classic trials of planning a wedding.  so many decisions – some large
and looming, some small and silly.  some i don’t mind making and don’t
care much about, but others are weighty and merit much thought.  not to
mention the decisions that hinge on the outcome of other decisions,
which in turn hinge on other decisions.  ::deep breath::  this
is fun.  it really is.  but i’m definitely looking forward to getting
the “big” decisions out of the way so we can focus on just the
implementation of them.  i much more prefer implementing and doing, rather than decision-making. 

of big decisions, we have one down – we have a date!  drum roll
please…  ::cue trumpets::  SEPTEMBER 12, 2009!  this is the date
we’ve chosen to move forward with.  no, nothing is absolutely 100%
secure and nailed down and risk free.  it never is and never will be. 
but, sept 12 pretty much works with most of the major factors.  most
everything falls nicely into place with this date, so we’re going to
step out in faith, move forward, and trust God with the rest. 

news – zach got a job!  it’s not “THE” job (air traffic controller),
but it’s “A” job.  he’s been hired on at starbucks as a shift
supervisor.  the current plan is for him to work in pasadena for the
next 4 months or so and then transfer to a starbucks store in phoenix
shortly before the wedding.  while we wait for the ATC job to come
through in california, zach and i believe it is wisest to live in
arizona.  it’s MUCH less costly to live here, plus i can keep my full
time job for a bit longer.  so we would definitely appreciate prayer
for a job transfer opportunity to open up here in phoenix! 

update – we’ve settled on a few other details besides the date.  we
have wedding colors and we have our budget (although not fully fleshed
out).  we know we’ll get married here at my church, but haven’t figured
out what to do for the reception.  we know what we’d like for simple
favors, invitation and program design, flowers, music, photographer and
wedding party.  we still have a few more major items to finalize
(::cough::guest list::cough::) before we can actually begin the
implementation of most of it, though.

i thought i had found the
dress i wanted… until we went to another store and found one my mom
and i both liked better.  haha!  so i think we’re going to go with the
2nd dress.  i’m really excited about it!  and no, i’m not posting a
picture.  i’m definitely a fan of the whole “groom doesn’t see the
bride or know anything about the dress until the wedding day” thing. 

and no, i don’t have “the” ring yet.  we’re getting it soon, but i think i’d actually like to continue
wearing the “placeholder” ring throughout almost the entire engagement
and have the diamond taken out and placed into “the” ring right before
the wedding day.  that way i can enjoy the fun of having a separate
engagement ring, but still only end up wearing one ring in the long

overall though, this whole wedding-planning process IS
pretty amazing and fun.  i still can’t believe it’s… me.  it’s
happening… to ME!  it’s not my friend’s wedding, not a relative’s
wedding, not a friend of a friend’s wedding…  it’s… mine.  wow.  a
little crazy.  although i must say, i find myself far more excited
about the planning of the wedding, and particularly the life AFTER the
wedding, than i am about the actual day.  it will be a fun day, i’m
sure.  but i truly can’t wait to marry my best friend, the man of my
dreams, the one whom i am confident that God has called me to stand
next to for the rest of my life.    woo-hoo!!


4 thoughts on “update!

  1. My sister’s in the progress of planning her wedding too. Like yourself, she doesn’t have the ring yet but she’s looking into halls, churches, catering, DJs, favors, the dresses, & so much more. Most of these will be more concrete come July. But I’m excited! This is not my wedding but I’m looking forward in helping my sister out. Congratulations on your engagement and future plannings! I do hope that after, you’ll post a picture of the dress..;o)

  2. Awww…how fun! Enjoy every second, even the stress-filled ones, cause it goes SO fast and you only get to do it once! (And if you’re me, then you miss it and begin begging your friends to get married so you can plan some more!) And remember that at the end of the day, you’ll be married—everything else pales in comparison to that and that’s all that really matters…God will give grace for the other details! (Plus you’re so good at planning things anyhow.) So excited for you and Zach!

  3. So exciting!! I so enjoy reading your updates. I second what Mindy said above about enjoying all the moments of wedding planning as they do fly by. : ) I will be praying for you guys and for all the planning and decision making that is still ahead!

  4. Last night, I opened a container of cream cheese that expired on September 30, 2009 and thought, “Oh my gosh! Andrea will be married by then!” SO excited for you, friend! And, YAY! Zach got a job! We will definitely still pray for all of that, too!

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