fun times :)

this past weekend i got to spend 4 days in pasadena.  ah, it was wonderful!  not only because i got to be with zach, but because i have fallen in love with pasadena and i seriously miss it! 

the highlight of the trip was going to disneyland – twice!  we went all day on friday with some of zach’s sbux friends for a birthday celebration and then again just the two of us sunday evening.  the 2nd time we stayed and watched the fireworks show on main street.  i seriously can’t remember ever seeing the fireworks show before – it was amazing!  anyone who could see my face must have been convinced i was actually a 6 year old in a 26 year old’s body.  between the wide eyes, huge grin, and frequent gasps of delight, i fit right in with all the kids around me.  haha! 

here we are eating lunch on friday in new orleans square (cell phone pic):

here we are at the birthday dinner the following evening:

while i was in pasadena, my mom went and picked up *the* ring!!!  and OH.MY.GOSH.  it is GORGEOUS!!!  it fits perfectly, feels amazing, and has got to be the prettiest piece of jewelry i have ever seen.  i’m THRILLED! 

however, because i only want to wear one ring, i’m planning to continue to wear the ring zach gave me when he proposed (the one with the family heirloom diamond in it), and we’ll have the stone set into *the* ring shortly before the wedding.  that way i still get to have the fun of having a separate engagement ring when all the while still wearing just one ring.  brilliant, right?  🙂  but for your viewing pleasure, i did take a couple pictures of my preciou-, i mean, the ring.  😉

in other wedding news… the three of the four major pillars of planning have fallen into place:
– solidify wedding date: check
– reserve wedding and reception location: check
– order dress: check
– finalize guest list: almost… 

the guest list is the last thing to be wrapped up.  once that’s done, we can really start doing stuff (ordering papers, flourishes, envelopes, printing stuff, etc). 

i realized a couple weeks ago – we have to go REGISTER!  what FUN!!!  i can’t wait!  🙂 

all the details and things to work on and do – it’s just thrilling me to the core.  seriously, i love, love, LOVE event planning!  and being able to plan and put on a major event with your best friend, pretty much just the way you both like it – what could be more fun?! 

in the coming months, i’m definitely going to need plenty of help, though.  let me know if you’re interested in participating in an “assembly night” (assemblying invitations, programs, favors, etc) or doing any kind of set up or food prep prior to or on the actual day!  i’ll take all the help i can get! 

129 days to go… 


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