the cliffs of insanity!

or, AKA, “the week of early mornings.”  ok, even for a morning person, this doesn’t sound fantastic to me: 7am dentist appmt this morning…  630am prayer on wednesday… 7am health study subject meeting on thursday… 530am airport run on friday…  wow.  but hey, i won’t complain.  i’m busy in the evenings too and that means this week will go faster.  although no matter what, i’m quite sure it won’t go fast enough.  i’m flying to pasadena on friday and i cannot wait. 

so, i’m discovering that things happen when people find out you’re getting married… i’m at the dentist this morning and the gal asks me what i have planned for the summer.  i mention that i’m planning a wedding.  so we chat about wedding stuff a bit.  then i go up to pay and the lady at the desk is asking me about wedding stuff too and says, “oh, for our brides, we give them a free take-home teeth whitening kit.  why don’t you come back and get fitted for it?”  uh. ok?  i mean, i wasn’t planning to whiten my teeth for the wedding or anything, but hey, if it’s free, why not? 

in other news – i discovered this website last week and it’s had me laughing ever since.

so yeah.  happy times.  hoping for a fast week! 


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