back in town, and a sneak peek :)

i’m back from another fantastic weekend in pasadena!  had a great time, as usual. 

friday night was a west coast revival concert.  i wore my “i’m with the drummer” tshirt, which i haven’t actually worn during a concert since the night he asked me out. 

saturday we did a walking tour of downtown los angeles, and saw cool places like the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, the federal buildings, city hall, union station, the L.A. times building, and oliveras street.  zach also took me to this old building… that i can’t remember the name of… it’s used for offices and stuff now, but it’s old red brick and REALLY cool inside:

disney hall is also an amazing building.  i hope to see a concert there one day!

here we are taking the metro back to pasadena/sierra madre:

you can’t tell in this picture, but i got quite the sunburn on saturday.  yeah, didn’t think to put on sunscreen just for walking around downtown.  silly girl. 

sunday evening zach had to work, so i spent the late afternoon/evening hanging out at the boomsma house chatting with tami and courtney, making fruit salad with ashley, watching School of Rock with the whole fam (plus a friend of paige’s), and then another couple hours talking with all the girls about life.  it was such a great time – definitely a highlight from the weekend!

today (monday) was my favorite day, though.  zach and i both slept in, drove out to his store (the starbucks that he works at) to get coffee (and pick up his tips), and then went to target to start our wedding registery!  woo-hoo!  we didn’t have a ton of time, so we just covered a few of the smaller sections.  we’ll go back and finish it later. 

then after lunch with the fam, zach and i went with his sister, courtney, to do engagement pictures!  three locations, two wardrobe changes, and one stop at starbucks later, we had some GREAT shots!  courtney really did a fantastic job scouting out locations and coming up with ideas and keeping her eye out for awesome lighting and angles.  she and zach are going to sharpen and edit the pictures before they’ll let me see any of them.  but zach did send me one as a teaser:

i’ll do a full post with engagement pictures once i get some of them!

but now i’m home and really need to get to bed.  goodnight all!  


One thought on “back in town, and a sneak peek :)

  1. I don’t know if I’ve told you yet, but I’m soooo happy your engaged and going to be married to zach =)I wanted to comment cos I saw your picture and not only is it cute but I felt special cos I thought “hey! I know where that is! south pas!” in front of that coffee shop?anyways…happy wedding planning! =)

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