lots of posts to come!

i’ve decided to
do a little blogging “series.”  it’s called… ::drumroll please:: …
Miscellanies!  aren’t you impressed?  i know.  oh, the cleverness of
me.  ahem.  ok, moving on. 

so yeah, there are several random things to
catch my faithful readers up on, so i’m just going to post several
random pictures, updates, quotes, updates, experiences, updates, etc. 
i’ve got 8 posts already in the wings, so we’ll see how long the series
goes.  of course… my whole blog is pretty much just a collection of
miscellanies, so i’m not sure why i’m even bothering to call this a
“series,” as if it’s something different from what i normally post.  oh
well.  it sounds fun and i’m hoping that having a tad more structure
will help me actually move from “oh, i should update my blog” to

and since i only posted a *few* of the engagement pictures, i’ll
probably throw a random one in here and there, just for the fun of it. 

i call this one the “tv” shot.  kinda looks like a promo for a new legal drama or something, doesn’t it?

stay tuned, folks.  we’ll be back – right after this…


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