miscellanies #1 – timarie is here!

so one
major highlight of the next 6 weeks is that my cousin timarie got a
summer job coaching swim stuff at a pool just a couple miles from our
house.  so every sunday night, timarie will be driving up from tucson
and working monday-friday in gilbert, and staying with us while she’s
here!  timarie
is one of the most Godly, disciplined, fun, selfless, hard working
people i know.  i’m thrilled to have her living with us for the next
month and a half. 
be like having a sister!  i’m excited to have another “sibling” in the
house again.    and since she’s also ne of my bridesmaids who lives out
of town, it will be especially fun to
have her more “around” for fun wedding stuffs.  🙂  not to mention the
clothes-sharing benefits, since she and i are of similar body
type/size.  hehehe…

(picture above was taken at the winter retreat back in january of this year)


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