our first “anniversary”! :)

is a special day for zach and i.  🙂  one year ago today, zach asked me
out.  sitting in starbucks… after “chatting” and “catching up” for
nearly an hour and a half… after being hilariously
“interrupted” but a friend who happened to see us sitting there… just
minutes after i had mentally and emotionally conceded that the topic of
“us” wasn’t going to come up that afternoon… he blurted out, “ok i
totally called your dad two weeks ago and asked him if i could ask you
into a courtship!”  and i think, to this day, it remains the most
surreal moment of my life.  the shock and thrill that i felt in that
instant was unlike anything i’d ever experienced.  i swear, time stood
still for at least 30 seconds.  i replied with, “wow.  i really wasn’t
expecting to have this conversation today…” and then quickly followed
that with “but…i was really hoping we would have this
conversation today.”  then he gave me this fun tshirt that i got to
wear that evening (he was in town with West Coast Revival doing a
concert that night at our church):

thus was the beginning of my dream come true.    it has been a most
wonderful season and i couldn’t be happier.  “i’m in love!  i’m in
love!  and i don’t care who knows it!” 

now, one year later – we’re engaged and planning to get married in 90 days!  can i get a ‘woo-hoo!’? 

a fun little aside – this morning we got to officially announce our
engagement at my church!  i know, i know, we’ve been engaged for 2 1/2
months already, but being long distance, this is just the first sunday
that the timing worked out.  haha!  better late than never, right?


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