for real?

so the
other day i was driving and i passed this truck on the freeway that was
a mobile “pooper scooper” business.  no joke.  they come to your house
and pick up your dog poop for you.  not a bad idea.  i’m sure plenty of
people would gladly pay to not have to do or think about that task.  i
imagine it would be people without kids… since that was always our
job.  mom and dad never did that chore.  i think that was one of the
top three items in the family agreement when it came to owning a dog. 
but i digress… back to the pooper scooper truck.  i was laughing as i
passed it because it had several “slogans” printed all over the truck. 
things like, “your dog’s ‘business’ is our business… since 1988” and
“picking up where your dog left off…” and “what we’ll do for brown!” 
i’m not even kidding… it was very “special.” 


One thought on “for real?

  1. Man…I totally would have paid one of those services to cover my days to do that chore when I was growing up. I hated it and typically tried to get away with not doing it! I also once somehow manipulated Marybeth into doing it for me. That is why I made an agreement prior to marriage that Tyler is responsible for all non-child related poop!

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