as many of you know, i’m such a little kid at heart.  i love going to the nutcracker every christmas and getting lost in the enchanted story of the candy kingdom… i secretly love princess stories… getting an ice cream cone on a saturday afternoon still just makes my day…

… and i enjoy (need?) things to help me countdown to fun and special upcoming events.    there is something about countdowns that just seem to be helpful in passing the time.  you know, paper chains and crossing off days on a calendar, and the like.  when zach spent 5 weeks in Virginia beach, i made a paper chain to countdown till he came back.  it was so fun! 

i currently have several countdowns going:

till i see him again – 7 days, 18 hours (it’s a countdown on my igoogle pages, so it includes the hours)
weeks till he moves here – 7ish
number of visits left till we live in the same state – 4 (or less)!
and of course – DAYS TILL THE WEDDING – 87!

this last countdown is the longest, and of course, the most exciting.  so i created a very special countdown for it.  it started on thursday, june 4 (which was the 100 day mark), and i call it “100 Memories for 100 days left”:

each slip of paper has the date written on the front, and how many days left till the wedding.  then, you tear the slip off the ring, open it (it’s folded in half), and inside is a memory that zach and i have together.  a lot of the memories are from the last year or so and occured throughout our courtship/thus far in our engagement.  but there’s a good number of memories that i threw in there from over the last 5 or so years of our friendship.  some of them are just little things like, “playing the wii together” or “rock climbing together.”  and some are more special/meaningful, like, “the first time you held my hand” or “walking down the aisle together at Jon & Nicole’s wedding.”  i had a blast creating it and looking back over some super fun times and reflecting on the overwhelming goodness of God on our relationship.  i couldn’t ask for more.   

(i also made a duplicate memory ring for zach to have for counting down too.)


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