life at the office and my evolving desktop…

life at the office has finally picked up speed!  Spurgeon
said, “There is no fatigue so wearisome as that which comes from lack
of work.” and i couldn’t agree more!  there were a couple weeks in the
office where work was just excruciatingly slow and i thought i was
going to go mad.  and curiously enough, i found that the less i had to
do, the less motivated i was to do… anything.  you’d think it would
be the other way around, right?  with less to do, i’d be motivated to
do anything and everything you can?  hmmm.  not the case with me, at
least.  but things have picked up and work is much busier now –
including two different weeks of absolute insanity!  it was fantastic!  and guess
what?  the MORE i had to do, the more i found myself crazy-motivated to
get lots of stuff done!  so strange…

speaking of the office…

over the last year, i created a picture collage for my desktop (background of my computer screen) at work.  i updated it again yesterday with pictures from the engagement shoot, and had to chuckle as i looked at my 3 previous collages.  you can tell with each one that i got a little bit better at arranging the pictures, eh?  i also think it’s kinda cute how you can see zach and i getting closer and closer with each one… 

june 2008 (including 2 pictures of us before we were actually “together”):

august 2008:

november 2008:

june 2009:

suffice it to say… with this last one, i have to be careful not to close or minimize all of my programs, because if my desktop is left viewable for too long, i get quite distracted.    i’m a woman in love, what can i say?  hee hee! 


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