no, i’m not moving to pasadena right away :)

many of you have asked what the plan is for where zach and i will live
once we’re married, what the latest is on his job, etc.  well, here’s
the “plan” (and i put that in quotation marks because this is literally
just what we’re planning and working toward, but anything can happen
and we’re trying to hold it all loosely. ):

zach is currently
working as a supervisor at starbucks in the pasadena area (actually
picking up shifts at about 4 different stores).  he is planning to
transfer out to arizona by the beginning of august and begin living in
what will become “our” apartment, while working at starbucks
in the east valley.  after the wedding we will continue to live in “our” apartment in gilbert, with him still working
at starbucks and me still working at the church.  this would be the
holding pattern until his job came through in california.  back in
january when zach went for his interview with the FAA, everything went
great!  they offered him a position, he accepted, his security
clearance went through, etc.  buuuuut the Air Traffic Controllers in
california lean more heavily on state funding than on federal funding. 
aaaand we all know how lovely the state budget of california is right
now… so now we wait. 
no, zach can’t get an offer for an airport here in arizona.  once he
accepted the california offer, they delted his name from any other state’s database – that’s just the way it works) 
fiscal year begins again in october, but given their current state,
they probably won’t have the budget figured out for a good 6 months
after that.  so we’re not really expecting any major developments to
occur before spring of 2010 at the earliest, but you never know!  eventually though, Lord
willing, when the FAA for los angeles county is in a position to move
forward with their offer, we will pack up, spend 6 weeks at the
training facility in oklahoma city, and then move back to the pasadena
area with the intention of settling down there permanently.  that’s the goal and the plan and zach and i are both very excited and hopeful! 

last week we turned in the application and holding deposit for the apartment!  we’ll hopefully be living in the Playa/Sahara Palms apartment complex – also affectionately known around here as “The Launching Pad” since nearly a dozen young couples that i know of have lived there at some point – many at the start of their marriage.  i feel like i’m joining a legacy or something – haha!  for a girl who has only ever lived in her parents’ home, it was very weird to be filling out an apartment application and then going to look at the model and suddenly seeing it as my first “home.”    as my dad put it, “you’re like a big girl, now!”  hehehe…

and since pictures just make blog posts all the more interesting… and i still have a plethora of engagement pictures not yet displayed on the blog…  here’s another one for your enjoyment. 


One thought on “no, i’m not moving to pasadena right away :)

  1. Hi Andrea, David and I, Randal and Erin, and Rich and Tiffany all lived in those apartments at the same time back in the day!! What fun memories I have of that place. Enjoy your new season in life. Allison

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