wedding plans update!

and the
wedding planning train keeps rolling along…  oh man, what a fun ride
this is!  i’m [still] really enjoying it all.  little pieces of the
puzzle fall into place every day.  i have a ridiculous amount of
Michael’s 40% off coupons and i make at least 1 Michael’s run per day. 
it’s pretty hilarious at times, but hey – getting nearly EVERYTHING at
40% off really adds up! 

the wedding dress was ordered last month, flower girl dresses have been
ordered, and i think all of my bridesmaids have ordered their dresses

next big step is getting the invitations out.  i had my first official
girls’ night to assemble invitations last week!  zach and i have chosen
an invitation design that is pretty involved.  it’s definitely a LOT
more work than just printing the information onto nice paper and
addressing envelopes, but we really love the design and so to us, it’s
completely worth the extra time and money.  but i wasn’t about to go it
alone, so i enlisted the help of a few bridesmaids and friends and we
spent the evening eating dessert, gabbing, and assembling away!  just
need to finish addressing, stamping and sealing!  my goal is to have
them in the mail by the first part of july, but we’ll see. 

here are some pictures from the evening…

the set up:


there was definitely a moment of “reality” that hit in seeing the actual words printed on the invitation…

my wonderful friends who came and helped me!

L-R: bethany (bridesmaid), courtney (bridesmaid), ruth, timarie (cousin/bridesmaid)

L-R: charlotte, carrie

the almost-finished-product:

and as much as it looks like we pretty much got the invitations done… we’re actually only about 50% completed.  i need to finish addressing the envelopes and then we need to seal up the invitation.  we’re getting there!

after invitations, i’m moving on to the specifics of the reception and the ceremony.  one major step at a time, you know? 

what fun!   


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