watching 24


my dad and i have been watching 24 lately.  over a year ago we started with season 1.  i didn’t like it at all and quit halfway through.  my dad, however, finished it out.  i had several people tell me that season 2 was much better than season 1, and that i should give it another chance.  ok, ok.  i do like action/spy type shows (i loved Alias with Jennifer Garner) after all.  so dad and i started season 2 and we’re having a blast.  it’s been a fun father/daughter activity for us to share (mom’s not really into it). 

now, i’m the kind of person who can get really sucked into what i’m watching.  i put myself in the place of the characters and get all caught up in the movie.  a famous story from my childhood serves as a hilarious example – the first time i saw The Little Mermaid around the age of 6, when it came to that part where Eric finally realizes who Ariel is and goes to kiss her, but is a moment too late and she turns back into a mermaid… i lost it.  jumped up off the couch and ran to my room shrieking and crying.  no joke.  i had gotten so wrapped up in the story that it never occurred to me that um, hello, the movie still had what? 20 minutes left? it wasn’t over!  my parents had to stop the movie, calm me down, and convince me to come out and watch the rest of it.  haha! 

i’m definitely not that bad anymore, but occasionally i find myself having to stop, detach for a moment and remind myself that i’m just watching a movie/tv show.  “andrea, the entire show centers around sydney bristow (alias)… or jack bauer (24)… there are at least 4 more seasons after this one.  they aren’t going to die.”  a little pathetic, i know.  but i just get so into
it!  my current means of staying detached is to sit on the couch on my laptop, usually working on random wedding stuff. 

ok enough revealing of embarrassing childhood stories… back to 24.  dad and i have a blast trying to guess what’s going to happen.  sometimes we’re dead on and sometimes we’re caught by surprise.  we also enjoy thinking about the filming process of the show.  our current chuckle is considering how many of the people on the show have “being a
glorified extra on 24” as their current “claim to fame,” you know?  
we wonder if any of those actors/actresses tell their friends at cocktail parties, “yeah i was on 24.”  “oh really?  who were you?”  “oh you know the guy who opens the helicopter door for jack bauer in that one episode?  yeah, that was me.”  ::


One thought on “watching 24

  1. Haha, yes, I play that game too….So I don’t remember which season it’s in, but you know that one paramedic that shows up at a hotel room…? That’s my friend (Paul’s best man)’s dad. Yeah.

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