Firsts and Lasts

or alternative title: “the beginning of the end…”

every relationship has it’s “firsts”.  zach and i have plenty – some of which are documented photographically:

our first “serious” conversation (@ Together 05):
zach and me T05

the first package i sent him:
Photo 1

the first visit i made to Pasadena to visit him:

the first piece of mail i received addressed to both of us!:

our first Valentine’s Day:

of course there are many other romantic firsts, such as the first song
he wrote me, or the first time he held my hand, or the first time i
cried on his shoulder while he held me, or the first time he said “I
love you,” or the first time he kissed me…

being long
distance, we also had the first visit, and the first time we said
goodbye at the airport, and the first time he picked me up at the

there have been many firsts, and many of those things have been repeated since the “first” time they happened. 

and now… we are starting to encounter lasts.

of them are related to the long distance aspect of the relationship. 
which makes me so grateful and happy to have many of these “lasts”
finally upon us! 
– nearly two weeks ago, i made my last flight home
from Pasadena.  it was the last drive to the airport, and the last
goodbye at the airport.
– this weekend was his last visit to Arizona.  next time he drives out, it will be to stay.
– today was the last goodbye as he drove away.
– next Sunday will be our last sunday at different churches.

with the wedding getting closer, some aspects of my single life are coming to a close as well. 
– next month will be my last month [regularly] babysitting for the [keith & carrie] daukas family. 
– pretty soon i’ll be spending my last night at my parent’s house.
– before i know it, i will be waking up on my last day as a Lambros.

so crazy!  some parts are bittersweet, i will confess.  but i wouldn’t
change any of it.  these “lasts” all come at the perfect time, just
like every “first” did.  each step of the way has been perfectly and
sovereignly ordained. 

i couldn’t be happier.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Firsts and Lasts

  1. Oh, come on… “I wouldn’t change any of it”? You really wouldn’t rather be single forever so you could always be our babysitter??? :)Kidding. That was very sweet, Andrea! I love that you have a picture of all your firsts, and love your perspective of God’s sovereignty through it all. We are definitely sad to be losing SuperBabysitter, but could not be happier for you, and rejoice with you at what God has done in bringing you and Zach together. We love you guys!

  2. you will treasure these ‘firsts’ and ‘lasts’ forever.  I still get goosebumps when I think back to the very first time Rich told me he loved me.  I can still remember the date (Jan 8th) and everything about that day! :)The cool thing is that you the ‘firsts’ and ‘lasts’ will continue!

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