quick update

life has gotten crazy.  time now flies like it never has.  work is busy and wedding stuff is busy. 

and man is it amazing to have zach living 3 miles away. 

ok quick random update:

_ i have my dress!  it’s hanging in a pink bag in the spare bedroom (or “spaya ‘oom” as we affectionately call it)
_ i am SO excited that my mom found a gorgeous top/skirt combo for the wedding.  it’s beautiful!  just need to get some shoes and she’s all set!
_ food for the reception is really starting to come together. whew.
_ all my set up/re-set teams are in place.  double whew.
_ zach is making fabulous progress on the wedding music. 
_ misc details are falling into place one by one and i love seeing it all come together!
_ flowers are being ordered today and oh.my.gosh. i can’t wait to see them.  especially my bouquet.  i’m super excited about it!
_ i have a bazillion and one emails to send out in the next week.  wow.
_ programs and favors are being assembled tonight.  gonna be fun.  and long.  hehe…
_ had 1 shower 2 saturdays ago – so fun!  so surreal.  so overwhelming (in good ways).  2 more showers tomorrow. 
_ got my wedding jewelry on ebay for $0.99.  of course, after shipping and such, it was closer to $10.00 total, but still!  a pair of earrings and a necklace that are pretty much exactly what i had envisioned to go perfectly with my dress – for under $10?!  i love it!
_ honeymoon is booked!  i still don’t know where we’re going.  i still LOVE not knowing where we’re going. 
_ speaking of the honeymoon… i must confess… as much as i truly never thought this would happen to me, i’ve hit the point of “i don’t want to wedding plan anymore.  i just want to be married and on my honeymoon.”  yeah.  me.  the lover-of-all-things-event-planning, is over it.  😉 
_ pre-marital meetings with jon and lory are the bomb.  zach and i are just loving them.
_ i’m super excited about our stage decor plan.  it’s gonna rock.
_ we’re in the process of finalizing our vow/ceremony text/wording.  it sends a thrill through my heart every time i read over it.  i love the words we’ve chosen (very very traditional).
_ i can’t wait to be able to wear my *real* ring. 

15 more days…  i can’t wait!!!


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