first dance song

there is absolutely no way i will be able to recapture my
wedding day with words.  i’m confident pictures won’t even be able to do
the trick, but they help, right?  many of you have already seen several
pictures on facebook.  once i get the rest of them on cd from my amazing
photographer, i’ll post some for your enjoyment. 

the short version is that i absolutely loved my wedding day.  no, it wasn’t perfect.  but i didn’t expect it to be.  however, the things that i really cared a lot about, went just fine.  and it was a magical, romantic, surreal, fun and amazing day.  but i’ll post more extensively on that later.

to tide you over for now (and to buy me a few more days’ time to construct some
of these blog posts), i’ve uploaded the audio of Zach and I’s first dance
song.  He wrote the words, composed the music, and recorded it all
himself.  ah!  he’s so talented.

i’m working on getting the music uploaded soon…

here are the words for now:
vs 1
take yourself back
to the day that we met
a boy meets a girl
and the friendship is set
it was just a normal day
neither of them knew what it meant
the boy didn’t know then
this girl was heaven-sent

vs 2
years rolled on by
the two kept in touch
each looking to find love
but not finding much
it was then the boy knew
just what was going on
the love he was looking for
it had been there all along

how long i’ve dreamed of you
and thought of the day
when you would be my love
now and always

vs 3
one summer day
over the deep blue sea
the boy now a man
said “will you marry me?”
tears in her eyes
as the sun set in the west
she took his hand in hers and said
“oh a thousand times yes!”

vs 4
so here we are
at the end of the night
you look beautiful
and your eyes glow with light
darling, i love you
my whole heart you have won
i’ve been waiting for this moment
now my dream’s just begun

yeah.  i know. 

more on the wedding (and hopefully pictures) coming soon!


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