she lives!

hello friends, family and faithful readers!  please forgive my long absence from the blog.  over the last several weeks i have been thoroughly enjoying married life and throwing myself into it.  ah!  it’s just wonderful.  i completely love it.

i had originally wanted to post pictures and updates chronologically, starting with the wedding, then the honeymoon, then the apartment and life, etc.  but alas, wedding pictures take over a month to get back, so i’ve decided to blog backwards… i will begin with current life and then move on to the honeymoon and then post about the wedding… but not all at once, though!  over the next couple weeks…

i love it.  it’s amazing and wonderful and more natural than i could have hoped.  zach and i have had a blast living daily life together.  everything from grocery shopping, falling asleep next to each other, cleaning and setting up the apartment, going to church together, cooking, sleeping in, enjoying relaxing evenings…  it’s just great. 

neither of us particularly enjoy having to go to work every morning… but it makes getting to come home to each other even that much better.  πŸ™‚

speaking of home… here are some pictures of the apartment.
this is the living room the morning after we got home from the honeymoon and opened all the presents that my parents had brought over:

here is the living room the following day, after i spent the morning cleaning and putting everything away while zach was at work – much better, eh?

here is the kitchen with more presents and stuff:

and here it is with everything all put away:

aaahhh.  much better, no? 

let me tell you, as much as i love our little apartment, the kitchen is ridiculously short on storage space.  with only TWO drawers and TWO lower cabinets, i had to get pretty creative in the way that i store stuff.  it was interesting… but the feeling of accomplishment and victory when i was done was fantastic!

our bedroom looked like an explosion of clothes after we got home.  oh my…

aaand after:

having our own place has been such fun.  i got a HUGE kick out of grocery shopping for the first time!  it was the funnest thing to get to go and make all the decisions myself!  i got to pick out what to buy based on what i had planned for dinners, what zach and i like, and how much we had decided to spend.  it was so much fun!  the people at wal*mart must have thought i was a complete weirdo as i strolled down each aisle randomly grinning and half-skipping as i went along. 

probably my weakest area thus far is laundry.  growing up, laundry for 3-4 (in my family) wasn’t terribly overwhelming, and it was also one of the few things that mom actually preferred to do.  so i never really did laundry.  i mean, i know the basics (like colors together, detergent, set the cycle, turn it on, etc.), but i’m just not very good at it.  i think it’s going to take a little bit of time…

cooking has been fun too.  picking out and planning meals is a fun challenge.  and my husband is ridiculously easy going and very simple in his taste.  tacos… pasta… chicken and mashed potatoes…  not only is he very understanding of the fact that i’m also working full time while learning to manage a home, but he really enjoys simple down-home meals, and is so grateful for a wife who will make dinner for him.  it’s adorable. 

his favorite meal is, get this: black beans and rice, with shredded cheddar cheese on top.  i’m not even kidding.  he loves it.  no really.  like, the other night we had both had long, hard days and i got home and zach goes, “you know, let’s just relax tonight.  don’t make dinner.”  and i went, “but i was going to make beans and rice.” to which he immediately replies, “oh please make dinner!”  yeah.  i know.  and he’s perfectly happy to eat it 3 times a week.  crazy.  i’d never actually eaten it before but i made it one of the first nights and it’s actually REALLY tasty!  i like it a lot now and we have it at least once a week. 

we still continue to enjoy encountering “firsts” together.

a couple weeks after getting home from the honeymoon, zach and i took our first roadtrip as a married couple.  my family went up to a friend’s cabin to celebrate my mom’s birthday.  we played this game my brother taught us around the pool table – kind of hard to explain, but it was a lot of fun!

we attempted some family pictures:
back porch (a little windy)

on the couch:

by the fireplace:

gave mom her preset – a macbook pro! 

it was a nice time of just relaxing and being together – in cooler weather no less!

the other night zach and i babysat for the first time together.  ah!  zach is SO good with little kids – i can’t wait to see him as a daddy.  i’m not gonna lie – playing with Eliana, eating dinner, driving with her in her carseat and stopping by an open house with her, putting her to bed… yeah… zach and i were definitely like, “aaawww, we want one!”  we can’t wait till it’s time for us to have kids.

another first that we encountered this weekend was the first time one of us was sick.  zach came down with low-grade feverish symptoms yesterday and spent the day sleeping and laying on the couch.  he stayed home from church this morning, slept some more, and is feeling much better. 

he felt bad that he was sick over the weekend, but i told him it was fine since i was able to make some progress on “the final frontier” of our apartment – the extra bedroom/office:

yeah.  one of the FEW downsides to getting married a little bit later in life, is that both zach and i had more time to accumulate STUFF.  and most of it wasn’t bad stuff – it’s just… stuff.  so we’ve been doing some major purging and sorting and cleaning.  i started working on it earlier this week, zach did some on friday, and i chipped away at it yesterday while he slept.  since he was feeling better today, we knocked out the rest of the boxes.  we still have a bit more to do, but at least almost everything has been sorted and stored and we can actually walk in and the floor is cleared – hallelujah! 

alrighty… that’s quite a bit of updating, eh?  special shoutout to any of you who are still reading at this point (hi mom!).   

more pictures and updates to come!


5 thoughts on “she lives!

  1. So fun! I loved reading your post. yes, I read the entire thing. Getting married is SO MUCH FUN and there will be lots and lots of “firsts” to come :)Believe it or not, your love for him right now will only grow and get better. It’s true! Sometimes I just stop and think “wow, I think I love him more today than I did the day we got married”.Have fun and enjoy every moment, even the conflicts πŸ™‚ They make you that much closer!Katie Battaglia

  2. oh my gosh! you are so cute! i love it! :o) i esp like the part about laundry!! i love doing laundry and ironing…shall i come take care of yours? would you wanna do my bathroom? i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaate bathrooms. and i’m totally doing a chronological picture update of setting the house in order :)love you!!!

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