name change complete!

i have officially change over my last name – I’m Andrea Rebecca Boomsma!

i had to start at the social security office in phoenix.  see, the DMV won’t let you change your license until you’ve been to SS, and you can’t change anything else without a new license.  so off to the DMV zach and i went last monday.  i will admit, it seemed a little ridiculous that our state requires you to actually go down there in person, when it only took 5 minutes to just glance at my paperwork, enter the new information, and have me sign.  ::shrug:: oh well. 

two days later i went to the DMV on my lunch break and got a new driver’s license with new name and new address and new picture! 

everything else after that was just a matter of doing it.

Social Security – check
New SS Card arrived – check
DMV/License – check
Credit Card – check
Bank Account – check
Notary office – check
Sam’s Club – check
Southwest Airlines account – check
Email Address account (personal and work) – check
Facebook – check

i actually still need to pop into Costco and have them change the name on my company card…  and i need to let the apartment management office know as well… 

but other than that, all the big stuff is done and i am officially a Boomsma!  woo-hoo!


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