i love the weekend

now that i’m married, weekends have become precious, favorite, highly-anticipated entities.  🙂

what i like most about saturdays:

_ no alarm clocks going off at 4:30am
_ no alarm clocks at all!
_ dozing in bed with my husband and not being in any hurry to get up
_ pancakes and waffles
_ latest House M.D. episode online
_ “so… whatcha wanna do today?”

what i like most about sundays:

_ driving to church together, coffee in hand
_ worshipping side by side
_ hearing the same message/teaching
_ no longer being threatened by the impending departure flight/drive home at the end of the day

alas, mondays are now dreadful things.  but i embrace them as opportunities for high productivity and the beginning of a new countdown till saturday!

i love being married. 😀


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