all grown up

::we interrupt your regularly scheduled honeymoon posts with a fun and geeky announcement from the boomsma apartment::

i feel like a big girl now.  as if being married and all didn’t make me feel “all growed up,”  zach and i went and got new cell phones and started our own cell phone account/plan! 

up until now, it had always been mutually advantageous to be on a family plan with mi madre y mi padre.  but now, it is time for the happy couple to branch out.  literally.  we took the two phone numbers previously on my parents’ account, branched off and started our own.  it actually ended up being a bit more complicated than just that, but the lady at the verizon store was awesome and totally worked it so we could avoid early termination fees, (zach’s number was still under contract attached to my parents’ plan), and still get the phones we wanted at promotional prices! 

so, as of monday night, my husband is sportin’ a blackberry tour and lovin’ it!

and i’m kickin’ it with a samsung alias 2!  (and no, the fact that it has the word “alias” in the title is NOT the reason i wanted it… although it may or may not have played a contributing factor…  😉 )  and since i haven’t gotten a new phone in like, 3 years, mine was (or rather, will be) free, after the rebate comes in the mail!  gotta love it… 

isn’t she pretty?  i love the colorful backgrounds!

granted, i must at least mention how much i will miss my DLF (Dear Little Friend). 

he has been a faithful little guy, always sticking by me, enduring a myriad of travels and adventures and not a few drops on the concrete.  he kept me in contact with my Love all throughout our courtship and engagement.  but alas, he is old.  and starting to have some issues keeping up, as well as staying awake.  😦  and he just wasn’t as helpful as others could be.  so DLF is being retired.  but i’m still keeping him close by in case some series of unfortunate events should happen to my new phone…

texting is probably the thing i do most on my phone, so getting a phone with a full qwerty keypad is rad!  the learning curve has definitely slowed me down, but i’m still loving her!  and yes, it’s a “her” (or “she”).  i am totally one of those people who names their stuff.  my car?  Robbin (to go with my parents’ Bat Mobile).  my old car?  Ralph.  my laptop? Girlscout.  so.  still working on a name/term of endearment for the new phone buddy…  any suggestions? 


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