Ze Honeymoon!

Finally!  i’m blogging about the honeymoon!  woot-woot!  πŸ™‚

Days 1 and 2

aaahhh the honeymoon.  what an amazing time.  i frequently think back to that week of bliss and wish we were back in it.  up front i just have to say – zach and i both felt like we had the most perfect honeymoon ever.  well, perfect for us.  it was relaxing and fun, full of surprises and all the things we love doing together – sleeping in, drinking coffee, watching 24, driving, talking, walking, eating… and just being together. 

and i have to say – getting to fall asleep and wake up next to each other every morning was even better than i had imagined it would be.  :happy sigh:

ok so the honeymoon started when we checked out of The Phoenician, where we spent the wedding night.  here’s a [stock] photo of the room we stayed in:
wedding night hotel room

it was pretty much amazing.  we slept in, ordered an delicious room service breakfast, opened all the card wedding gifts and then packed up.

of course, before we hit the road, we had to drop off a few things at the house (while everyone was at church, sshhhh), and then make a target run to pick up a few essentials.  you know, like season 5 of 24.  πŸ˜‰  then we hit the road.

we enjoyed a 7 hour drive listening to michael buble, john mayer, coldplay, the emma soundtrack… and chatting all about the wedding.  we sort of “debriefed” and talked about all the things we loved about the previous day.  and to be quite honest – there was a lot that we loved.  i’m not going to lie.  we absolutely loved our wedding.  sure, there were a few little snags and it had it’s share of stress leading up to it, but overall, we thought it was amazing and wonderful and we just loved every bit of it.  but i’ll blog about the wedding later… 

this was our first of 3 destinations – wine country in Temecula, California.  more specifically:

this place was fantastic.  i forgot to take pictures of our villa – but you can see the ones on the website.  zach’s parents had discovered this place about a year ago and recommended it to zach.  we loved it!  surrounded by grapevines and hill country… our own villa with a huge bed and sitting area… spa bathtub… :sigh:  neither of us are particularly into wine, but we actually really enjoyed the complimentary bottle that was put in our room.  so much so, that we purchased a bottle to take home with us, and are hoping to order a 2009 bottle next year that we can save for a future anniversary or something. 

we stayed here for 2 nights and just relaxed.  we went shopping, briefly explored the area, slept in (no alarms allowed!), watched 24, took olive oil baths, went for walks, created some “special” playlists on my laptop, changed my name on facebook…  we even picked up some fun books to read.  although, that night after some wine and a hot bath, we only got about 10 minutes of reading in before we were both totally out. 

we did remember to take a few pictures on our way out…

the entrance to our villa:

the walkway along the front of the main building – so tuscan and beautiful!

so happy to be honeymooning!

more pictures and updates coming soon!



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