Ze Honeymoon Part II

aaand we’re back!  well, sort of.  we’re back from a quick weekend trip to california for a lovely pasadena post-wedding reception.  i’m back on my apartment couch coughing and trying not to get anyone else sicky.

and i’m back blogging about ze honeymoon.  🙂

ok where were we?  ah yes.  part II.

part of the fun and surprise of the honeymoon is that zach intentionally left tuesday night wide open.  no reservations.  so on monday we went browsing online for a place to stay in santa barbara.  zach said that SB was a good part-way stop between temecula and our *final* destination.  so a-browsing we went and found the Inn by the Harbor

let’s just say that this quaint little hotel had a pretty good case of the “looks better in the pictures than it does in real life”s.  it wasn’t awful or anything.  just def not quite as nice as it appeared online.  ::shrug:: oh well.  it was just one night. 

the joke of that night came about when zach first stepped into our hotel room, took one look and then turned to me and said, “very funny!  is this a joke?”  see, they didn’t have any king rooms available for the night, so i booked a queen room.  well, what i didn’t realize is that it came with TWO queens.  the website *so* did not say anything about that.  ah yes, honeymooning 1950s sitcom-style!  or  how about “this is the part of the honeymoon where andrea was mad at zach”?  hehe.  just kidding. 

we putts’d around downtown Santa Barbara, walking along the road that lines the harbor, strolling up and down State Street, buying zach some swim trunks so we could enjoy the jacuzzi, and some sunglasses for the both of us.  we also began the purchasing of what would become our souvenir theme: keychains.  zach had only brought his single car key, so we needed a keychain to keep it on.  thus, in honor of the freeway we spent much time on:

wednesday morning we hit the road again for our final destination!

my husband driving:

the cool couple on the road in our rad sunglasses:

i put a hat on later…

i had no idea where we were going.  so when we pulled into Monterey, and turned down Cannery Row, right along the south curve of Monterey Bay, i was very surprised to arrive at the Monterey Plaza Hotel!

this place was AMAZING.  like… i was wearing “comfy” clothes for the drive… and since i also had on a hat and large sunglasses, i totally felt like a celebrity trying to keep a low profile as i checked into a VERY nice hotel.  we’re talking, valet-ONLY parking.  and the valets remembered zach’s name every time we went to get the car.  “good morning, mr boomsma.  are you going out for the day?”  or when i’d call down to the front desk with a question, they’d look up my name as they were talking to me and reply: “sure thing – we’ll have that taken care of right away, ms boomsma.”

this was our room:

this was the view from our patio (panoramic shot – this was everything we could see from one end to the other):

the restaurants on the patio down to the left actually sit out OVER the water.  in fact, half the hotel is built on pillars out over the water.  so the waves literally wash up underneath the building!  it’s a glorious sound and we enjoyed it all day and all night.  we left our patio doors open around the clock, letting the sounds and smells of the bay come wafting in as we fell asleep and woke up each day.  aaahhh…..

more coming soon.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Ze Honeymoon Part II

  1. Your two bed story is almost as good as Joe’s and mine. When we checked into the hotel on the first night we found out a big surprise … the hotel had somehow booked us TWO ROOMS on the opposite side of the hotel from each other!! Wow. We got a laugh out of that! “umm, I’m sorry. Did we forget to mention that we JUST got married a couple hours ago?!?!”

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