Ze Honeymoon – part III

ok… picking up where i left off…

from our little balcony, here is the view of the other hotel wing to our left:

here’s a close up view from street level:

see how the hotel is built out OVER the water?  yeah… amazing.  i know.

the building that is painted bright colors is Schooner’s Bistro on the Bay restaurant.  zach and i had dinner there one night (on the patio of course!) and it was soooo good!  seriously, the best ravioli i have ever tasted.  and zach said the steak made it onto the short list of best steaks he’s ever had.  mmmm…

yes, zach and i DID do some reading on our honeymoon (for those of you who said we wouldn’t touch the books we brought):

the first night we were there we walked along the bay a bit…

… down to:

it was so much fun walking along this dock-turned-quaint-tourist-spot.  we had dinner at:

it’s hard to tell because it’s so dark, but our table was the one in the far top right corner, outside, kinda underneath that hanging planter… and yes, that is water just on the other side of the railing.  love it!

one day we drove down to Pebble Beach:

then drove a bit further to Carmel and sat in the softest, whitest sand i had ever seen:

next up – the final installment: San Francisco, souvenirs, and the trip home!

(hoping to get wedding pictures back soon – so you should be seeing some of those in the next couple weeks!!!)


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