THE WEDDING (with pictures!!)

(Fair warning – the following is a VERY long post.  but it has lots of fun details and PICTURES!!  Oh, and all pictures are © Lydia Jane Photography.)

Well now that I have received the wedding pictures back from our amazing photographer, I’m posting about the wedding (from my personal perspective).  

The two days prior to the wedding were actually really stressful.  I think it seemed even more so because for months we were ahead of the game, on top of things, etc.  But the last week several things kind of crashed, or took longer than anticipated, had to make some last minute changes, etc.  You know,
classic event planning stuff.  But it still made for 2 extremely busy and hectic days.  If I were being honest, I would have to admit that I frequently thought to myself, “I just really want to sit down and cry… but I don’t have time!”  :sigh: 

Once the rehearsal and dinner were over, I felt a lot more calm.  At that point, everything was what it was.  All that was left for me was to do my nails and get a good night’s rest and let the day happen. 

I slept in a little bit that morning – and yes, I did actually sleep that night.   The morning was very low key and leisurely.  My cousin Becky came over to do my hair around 10am, the rest of the bridesmaids stopped by with breakfast food and OJ and we had a little toast together.  Then my assistant and my photographers just hung out and watched The Princess Bride to kill time until I needed to do my makeup before heading to the church.


Once at the church I got to put my dress on and take pictures with my bridesmaids!









(Ok, I simply MUST interject for a moment here.  Can I just say that I absolutely LOVED my flowers!!!  I wanted something different, but still classy and for months I was at a complete loss.  Plus, a lot of the flowers I really liked, were also ridiculously expensive.  When my mom and I came up with the blue rose idea, I was convinced they would be perfect and amazing – and they were!  Despite the extreme skepticism of the florist, we went with them and I was completely thrilled with how they turned out.  Seeing them for the first time when my Dad brought them to the house that morning was a highlight of my day!)


(L-R: Timarie-cousin “Power House”; Nicole-“Rad Cousin”; Bethany-friend “Wonder Woman”; Raigan-friend “Maid of Honor”; Becky-cousin “Bridesmaid Barbie”; Courtney-friend “Dear Confidant”; Kierstyn-friend “Leetle Seester)

Then we got the flower girls and ring bearers all dressed and ready.  And I have to just take a moment and talk about the kids.  They were all so cute!  Savannah and Gracie Shapiro and Taylor and Rylee Daukas were my flower girls and Toby, CJ, and Trevor Daukas were my ring bearers.  And once they were all dressed for the ceremony, I couldn’t stop squealing over them!  I honestly think I was more excited and smiley about how unbelievably cute they looked than my own dress!  Haha!



CJ and I have this game we play where I make faces at him and he tries to imitate my goofy expression…






Zach and I chose not to see each other at all before the ceremony.  We texted a little bit – mostly functional stuff (coordinating luggage pick up, etc) – but didn’t talk on the phone and didn’t see each other.  And I didn’t realize how much that affected me until I stole a look at some of the groomsmen pictures on Hannah’s camera.  Once I saw him, I almost started to cry!  I had to give the camera back right away before I fell apart.


And then it was time to start.

For the first time I was at a wedding where I didn’t actually get to see most of the ceremony.  It was kinda weird.  The bride definitely has a different vantage point than a coordinator (which has typically been my role up until now).  So what I know of the ceremony is just what I’ve heard from others.  I heard the music was beautiful.  I heard the stage decorations and the wedding party standing up there looked amazing.  I heard the ring bearers got a little disoriented when they first went through the door, but eventually made it down the aisle and were completely adorable (I knew they would be – gah!).  I heard the flower girls did a great job and were super cute.  But that’s just what I heard.  

All I know is, I had been holding back so much emotion all week and all day long.   And it pretty much all came out once I entered the room.

All week long I had felt like I didn’t really have time think about what was actually happening.  But then… the doors opened.  And I saw him.  HIM.  Zach Boomsma.  The boy who wouldn’t flirt back with me when I met him at Celebration 2003.  The guy who chatted online with me for years and hung out with me at conferences.  The guy who walked down the aisle with me at his best friend and my cousin’s wedding.  The guy who became my best [guy] friend.  The man who asked me to pursue a relationship with him and then gave me an “I’m With The Drummer” tshirt.  The man who won my heart and asked me to marry him.  There he was waiting at the end of the aisle for me, eyes wide with amazement and tears brimming on their edges.  He couldn’t hold still.  Haha it was so cute!  Aaannd all of the emotion inside of me started to well up in my eyes.  I just kept staring at Zach and focused on smiling and breathing.

And then I lost it during the song.  Like, really lost it.  There is a line in the song (“Come Thou ount”) that has always just “gotten” me – “Hitherto Thy love has blest me, Thou hast brought me to THIS place.” (emphasis mine)  Oh man.  To think in that moment of where Zach and I have come from, and what we have been through – both separately and together – and to see and now BE in that moment, at our wedding, and to know that God himself and God alone has brought us here… yeah, I lost it. Thankfully Zach and my bridesmaids were both prepared with tissues.  

And then came the coolest part, for me.  I just LOVED our vows.  We used almost exclusively traditional
language, including the pastor opening with “Dearly beloved we are gathered here together in the sight of God and these witnesses to join together this man and this woman in the holy estate of matrimony.”  Aaahhh!  There is something that just resonates in my soul when I hear those words.  So traditional, so deep, so orthodox.  I just love them.  What an honor it was to speak them and to willingly and happily place myself under them and to mean them with all of my heart.  Zach and I did all the “for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish” phrases in our vows.  It makes me all smiley just thinking about them now.  

And then suddenly, we were man and wife.  Zach’s dad said “Man and Wife,” the music swelled, and my lips had barely made it to his when another rush of tears came flooding out.  And I didn’t even bother to try and stop them.  I kissed and cried and kissed and cried and then just held onto him and cried some more.  And then was presented to the congregation and smiled and cried all the way down the aisle.  It was amazing.  My dream had completely come true.





Here are a few pictures that we took before our guests arrived at the reception location…






Ok I have to say, the reception went off even better than I had hoped!  Well, once we canned the slideshow and got the dance songs ready to go and then were finally able to be introduced and join our guests.  But as soon as we were in, it was so much fun!  The servers looked so professional and classy in their black and white, serving hors d’oeuvres and desserts from trays.  The drink station on the back patio area turned out even better than I had hoped!  The lights all throughout the gardens looked amazing, and praise God, it cooled down just a tiny bit – enough to make sitting in the outside areas tolerable.   Guests were gathered in the ballroom around cocktail and sitting tables, and it just overwhelmed my heart to see all of these people that we loved.

Zach had written and composed our First Dance song.  It only took a few seconds before I was lost in the words, eyes closed, and completely unaware of anyone else in the room.


Then my Dad and I danced to “I Loved Her First” by Heartland.  I think my favorite line in the song
(and part of what sealed it as the song we just had to dance to) is where it refers to the daughter as
“that freckle-faced kid.”   So Dad and I chatted and laughed and danced.  With a fun dip at the end.

Raigan and Jonathan gave toasts and we cut the cake.


Ah, the cake!  Didn’t it turn out amazing?!  My friend Ruth was the creator of it and she did such a
wonderful job!  It was exactly what I had envisioned!

The reception didn’t exactly “fly by,” but it did move pretty quickly.  Zach and I intentionally only did a few of the traditional reception activities (toasts, dances, cake, send off) so as to leave more time to talk with people and visit with guests.  I felt like I was able to get at least a few seconds with family and out of town guests specifically, so that was really great.

I think one of my favorite moments was when Zach and I had split up to talk to guests and then I needed to reconnect with him.  As I moved away from various guests, it was so fun to say, “If you would please excuse me, I need to go rejoin my husband.”

And then before I knew it, we were trotting through a flurry of bubbles, smiling at the flashing cameras, jumping into a limo and driving away as a married couple!


4 thoughts on “THE WEDDING (with pictures!!)

  1. Andrea ~ You, your wedding and receptions were absolutely BEAUTIFUL. All of the little details were just perfect, and so perfect for YOU! Toby and I also said those very same vows at our wedding. I’d heard them in all the weddings at the church I grew up in and couldn’t imagine saying anything else to Toby as we became husband and wife. I love them for all the reasons you mentioned. One thing I did differently at my reception than you did at yours was CRY through the whole Father/Daughter dance! My Dad and I both did — verged on bawling, I might say. Weddings are so emotional, aren’t they?! Anyhow, loved looking at your beautiful pictures, and again … so very, very happy for you and Zach.

  2. So beautiful! It looks like it was amazing and so special and you looked gorgeous! So happy for you both and your future together! Thanks for sharing all the pictures!Oh, and I LOVE your blue roses!

  3. I love your pictures, Andrea! So glad the day finally arrived for you! God’s grace and blessing is definately shouting from your story. 🙂 Congrats!

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