It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

i have to confess – i’m one of those people who gets way more excited about the month of december than about christmas day itself.  i love the SEASON.  the sights, the smells, the food, the colors, the music, the movies.  christmas is definitely my favorite holiday. 

and what a special christmas this has been – zach and i’s first christmas together!!  last christmas we were still courting.  we spent a weekend together in the middle of the month, but spent the rest of the month and the actual holiday with our families and then i flew out to pasadena for new years. 

but this year we get to do everything together!  yay!!! 

a couple weekends ago we decorated our little apartment:

garland and lights are my favorite thing to decorate with.  (the little black spots on the blinds are actually pine cones hanging down from the garland)  christmas mugs… his & hers stockings… paper snowflakes…  and stackable christmas boxes that double as a great place to store christmas presents until they are wrapped!  (i kind of feel like i’m writing a caption for a page out of an “I Spy” book given all the stuff in this picture!  “i spy with my little eye, a ‘bouquet’ of almond joy candy bars given to zach for his birthday by my mom…” haha!)

i made this little wooden-people-with-felt-piece-clothing nativity set as a little kid with my mom and i think it just might be my favorite little piece of decoration. 

how convenient that our bedroom curtains are already red (compliments of zach’s previously nautica-themed bedroom decor)!  the paper snowflakes are a new thing for me this year.  two of my hip friends had made them in previous years and i thought they were so pretty and tucked the idea away for when i had my own little place to decorate.  they are simple to make, but surprisingly a bit time consuming.  if you’re interested in making some, the templates and instructions can be found online here

and of course, there are all the christmas pottery pieces i’ve painted over the years at As You Wish

even the bathroom got some christmas cheer with these glass/mirror clings i found. 

my favorite element of christmas fun is, hands down, the tree.  i’m a staunch *real* tree person, and thankfully my husband is as well.  this year we got involved with the children’s musical production our church was putting on, and between that, our small group christmas party, and celebrating zach’s birthday, our week was insane.  so the tree didn’t exactly happen until just the other night.  i like to enjoy as much christmas tree loveliness as i possibly can each year, so i’m just pretending that we didn’t actually get the tree only 10 days before christmas.  ssshhhh!

on the hunt for the perfect tree…

after trying several tree lots, we ended up getting ours at home depot.    it was the last little noble fir in the 5′ section.  although we started out looking for a taller tree, this little guy caught our attention… looked like he had been tossed aside and rejected as unworthy due to the uppermost branch being nearly broken completely off.  ::shrug:: nothing a little wire can’t fix, right?  so we claimed him as the perfect tree for our first little christmas and took him home.

(sorry the pictures aren’t very good – they’re the only ones i had)

my husband, the Light Master…

i got all the ornaments out and ready to be put on.


such fun!  cranberry and popcorn strings coming soon.  i think. 

finishing up the christmas shopping (hopefully) tonight and then enjoying the rest of the season together!  (i’m hoping to make it to the ice skating rink – doesn’t that sound like such a fun and romantic thing to do at christmas time?!)

merry christmas everyone!


2 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

  1. Hi Zach & Andrea, I love your nativity set! super cute. We don’t have one, but I’d like to make one like yours. how did you do it?Best wishes! sorry we couldn’t make it to your wedding, but I love the blog!

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