after returning from spending new year’s weekend in pasadena, zach and i came home for four days and then headed BACK out to california for a surprise disneyland trip!  well, it was a surprise for our friend jenn, who’s birthday is the 6th.  with my birthday being on the 12th, we thought we would surprise jenn by showing up and do a joint celebration at disneyland over the weekend since we had been given a gift card that would cover the cost of the park tickets.  woo-hoo!!  we had a blast! 

i just love disneyland.  it’s so huge and fun and happy.  there’s always something fun to do or see or explore.  i totally become a little kid in that place.  walking around with a grin on my face… gasping and staring wide-eyed at the fireworks, and laughing my head off on the rides.  i seriously can’t wait until we live in california and can get annual passes.  🙂

anyway – on to pictures!

pulling in:

at the entrance:

we went to california adventure first… see all the big letters?

A is for… Andrea!

we went back later and took one with zach.  an “N” turned side ways is basically a “Z”…  🙂

meet our friends Jenn and Mo (we’re in line for Toy Story):

the Toy Story ride is one of our favorites.  you sit in this car with a cannon and go through playing 3D digital versions of carnival games (ring toss, breaking plates, popping balloons) by shooting your cannon at the things on the screen.  so fun!

gotta love those 3D glasses…

in line for the mickey mouse ferris wheel:

California Screamin’ roller coaster:

Hollywood Tower of Terror – totally one of my favorites!  (Mo’s trying to steal the show):

the mickey mouse ferris wheel was so bright and pretty at night… over the water…

we spent most of Friday at California Adventure.  on Saturday zach and I went back and just did disneyland (yay for park-hopper tickets!).  we pretended that Saturday was my birthday, so i got to wear a crown all day. 

now, you have to understand, it was a big deal for me to wear this crown.  for as long as i can remember, i have balked at the concept of being a “Princess.”  mostly because, in my mind, “Princess” conjured up only ideas of being bratty, insisting on your way, obsessed with the way you look, etc.  pretty much the last thing i wanted to be associated with.  so it took some time before i was able to accept zach’s definition of “Princess” (believe me, a much different one than what i had) and to enjoy being called that.  so yeah.  princess crown = big deal.  please take note.  thank you.


my husband very sweetly humored me and went on the carousel

zach makes me laugh quite a bit.  and one thing that just cracks me up about him is his boyish side that comes out some pretty funny ways.  there is an airplane-themed gift shop in California Adventure… where he found these:

oh yes. and be bought them.  my husband, the aviator:

so we have The Aviator and The Princess.  what a match we are. 

oh and did i mention that he wore the cap and goggles on the drive home?  i’m not even joking.  it was hilarious.

we had a blast hanging with Jenn and Mo, celebrating birthdays at disney, getting mickey bars (YUM!), walking around holding hands, riding the rides, smiling a lot, and enjoying a wonderful weekend! 


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