family birthday fun

a couple sundays after my actual birthday (coordinating 3 “couple’s” schedules can be crazy!), my family got together and had a little birthday celebration for me during family night.  zach and i brought the rock band and the PS3 for some good family rockin’!

here’s me with my ridiculous poser rock face/stance.  yeah… maybe i was trying for the bass-player-girl face from School of Rock with the protruding lips? or something?

growing up, my brother and i each had felt banners that my mom had made and that she hung outside over the garage (or, i’m guessing Dad hung them) every year on our birthday.  we hung it inside for the evening. 

mom made one of my favorites – lemon chiffon cake (heavier than an angel food cake but much lighter than a pound cake) with lemon drizzle icing – topped with blueberries and strawberries!  i have no idea what’s up with my facial expression in this shot.  i actually think i look a lot like my mom in this picture, except for the odd expression.  must be the pose.  my mom totally does the same “face/hands” thing as i’m doing here…

after dinner we played a little rock band.

getting ready…

the kids rockin’

ryan and jessica (-almost-lambros!  they are getting married april 3rd!) were tag-teaming on the drums… i’m not sure that made it any easier, but at least they were having fun!

the parental units weren’t quite as into as the rest of us…. ok, no one was quite as into it as zach and i… but we eventually got mom and dad to try it.  🙂

fun times, fun times…

(thanks for taking and sending me the pictures, mom!)


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