A General Update

I realized the other night that we haven’t really updated friends and family with what’s going on with life right now as far as zach’s job, etc.  sorry!

as of mid january, zach spoke with the ATC hub supervisor for southern california and it was confirmed that they can not hire him any time soon.  whether it be due to lack of funding or just no open positions in So. Cal. or a combination of both, zach won’t be directing airplanes any time soon.  in fact, it’s looking like it will be a 2 year wait before a position at the El Monte tower (where he has a “tentative job offer”) will become available. 

with that news we were then faced with 2 options as far as ATC goes: we can 1) wait it out.  or 2) go “free agent” within the FAA and basically ask the agency to place us anywhere they need a controller.  the “pro” for that option is that there ARE places in the US that desperately need controllers and could hire pretty much right away.  the “con” is that “anywhere” means… ANYwhere.  it could be some remote town in north dakota or it could be the booming metropolis of billings, montana.  there would be no way of knowing.  and even though if they offered zach a city we really didn’t want to move to he could technically say no, its generally frowned upon.  i mean, you basically told the agency “hey i’ll go anywhere” and then get all picky on them?  not such a good idea.   

so after some prayer and thought and discussion, zach and i decided that we’d rather wait it out.  first and foremost, our conviction about the priority of the local church, and our desire to specifically remain part of a Sovereign Grace Ministries church are both much too strong for us to take the risk of getting placed “anywhere” just for the sake of getting into the agency sooner.  plus, if Zach were to accept an ATC job somewhere else, he would lose his place in line for the tower in El Monte (which is an awesome tower to start at; idea, really!).  since it is our desire to end up back in pasadena and build our lives and raise our family there, we’d rather just wait for what is a fairly firm guarantee of a position.  we just have a to wait a little longer than we originally thought.  and when you look at the grand scheme of life and a career, two years isn’t that long. 

so as far as zach’s job goes, he quit his delivery driver job at christmas and is currently exploring work in the video editing/music mixing/editing world.  this is something he absolutely LOVES to do.  he can do it from our apartment, set his own schedule, etc.  we are planning to pursue this and see where God would open doors for this to be a means of income.  if, after a reasonable amount of time, it doesn’t pan out as a provisional occupation, he’ll look for another “filler” job.  but there appears to be some rumblings of potential on the horizon!  a friend of zach’s from the church in pasadena is a dean at a college in california and has been working on obtaining grant money for promotional videos – and they want to contract with zach for several series’ of video editing!  so we’ll see how it works out – but we are very hopeful!  🙂

i am continuing to work at the church office here in gilbert.  with the start of the new year came a wave of busyness and the days are flying by.  conferences, seminars, events, new preaching series’, enrichment program, new ministries developing – it’s all keeping me on my toes like never before.  aaaand if you know me very well, you know that i am loving [almost] every minute of it!  i’m so blessed to have a job that i absolutely love, that is secure, and that even provides enough income for zach and i to live comfortably without incurring debt simply to cover the bills.  we are so blessed! 

despite having a full time job, i’m still loving my new role as wife and homemaker.  keeping our modest apartment clean, spending time in the kitchen, keeping up on laundry, etc. are all things i find so very satisfying and enjoyable.  my two latest “homemaker accomplishments” have been food / kitchen related:
     first, after approximately 3 months of marriage, i decided to revamp the way i was meal planning for something that better served our somewhat volatile and laidback schedules.  🙂  i now plan out a list of 10 meals that i plan to make over a 2-week period of time (some of the meals i plan to make twice since they are favorites of zach’s/ours).  i purchase the ingredients needed and just leave the meal list up on the side of the fridge.  sometime in the middle of the day, or after i’ve gotten home from work, i go to the list and just pick out what to make, knowing we have the necessary ingredients on hand.  so far it’s worked GREAT for us!  i love the flexibility it allows (which we need right now), and yet i still have a “plan” and i’m not left to try and come up with a new thing for dinner every night (which is horribly overwhelming for me).  voila!  it also has allowed me to bring my grocery budget down to right around $200/month.  not bad for us!  🙂
     my second fun “wifely accomplishment” comes in the form of lasagna.  zach and i both love italian food.  so i decided to make lasagna the other night.  now before you roll your eyes and think “oh please.  lasagna is the easiest thing in the world!  how is this some sort of ‘accomplishment?'”, allow me to explain that i have never made lasagna before, nor did i have any sort of a recipe.  i thought, “eh, i’ll just wing it and see what happens!  i know basically what’s in lasagna… i think.”  this was a big stretch for me, people!    so i cooked up some ground beef with garlic and oregano, and then layered the noodles, meat, ricotta, mozarella and sauce in a cute little 8×8 pyrex dish (i felt so “newlywed-ish”!), put it in the oven for 45 minutes or so and sprinkled it with parmesan cheese when it came out.  and – drumroll please – it tasted great!  i was so exited!!  not to mention that it made for great leftovers in the days to follow.  (ps – praise the Lord for pyrex dishes that come with plastic lids.  after dinner i just threw the lid on and tossed it in the fridge.  niiiice!)

since some of you have also asked… as far as starting a family goes, we are not linking having kids with zach being an air traffic controller.  we are not specifically holding out on that job before moving forward with starting a family.  we are both super excited to start a family and raise children!  however, we believe God is leading us to wait until we are in a position of living entirely off of zach’s income before we make plans for adding little “Baby Boomers” to the picture.  so we are trusting in God’s timing for that as well.   

in the meantime we continue to LOVE life as a young married couple, serving in our church (sound team, visual team, worship band, video editing), enjoying being part of a small group (yay Mixer SG!)… we have such a rich and wonderful life and we are overwhelmed with gratefulness for it!

thanks so much to those of you who have asked about this and who also probably
already knew all the info above.  thanks for sharing the
ups and downs of the last 6 weeks with us, for encouraging us and
praying for us.  we are so aware of God’s hand in all of this.  we have been encouraged and strengthened as we have pressed harder into God and His grace through this season and we are have faith for whatever lies ahead.  please continue to pray for us!  and hey, if you hear of any work in the audio/video industry – feel free to give zach a shoutout!  🙂

so that’s the latest on life for Zach&Andrea.  if you’ve made it this far, i’m extremely impressed. 

and now i’m off to change out a load of laundry and then bake some cookie bars for a super bowl party tomorrow!


One thought on “A General Update

  1. Wow!!! That’s all wonderful, you guys! I have to confess I always envy newly wed couples because I soooo enjoyed that season of Ryan and I’s marriage – not that I’m NOT enjoying being a mom but, you get to have soooo much fun when all you have is each other and an empty apartment. I will definitely be praying for you two and for God to lead you both according to His will. Also, I JUST learned how to make Lasagna myself a couple weeks ago – it was fun and delicious!! So, you’re not alone in that boat =) Hugs to you both!

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