first dinner fail

ok so it wasn’t actually a FAIL.  just as i close the oven door behind the beautiful chicken pot pie i had created, i found out that my husband doesn’t like chicken pot pie.  ::sigh::  or maybe i already knew that and had just forgotten.  it’s quite possible that was the case. still…  but he did eat some – mostly because he was really hungry.  and then he had a bowl of cereal to “supplement.”  ::chuckle:: it was rather tragic, really.  especially because the pie crust was probably one of the best i’ve ever made!  oh well.  more for me?

at least i made peanut butter cookies later on…


One thought on “first dinner fail

  1. I HAVE TOTALLY DONE THIS!!!I made broccoli, cheese & potato soup (2 batches) and we realized that daniel didn’t like it. and he ate cereal and pretzels afterwards when he thought i wasn’t looking…

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