making a house a home

or in this case, making an apartment a home.  🙂

now that zach and i know we don’t need to be ready to pack up and move to oklahoma 6 months after the wedding (since ATC has been deferred for a while), we decided to go ahead and put some holes in the wall and settle in a bit more.  this of course, made me rather happy because it meant that i could do a little bit of decorating! 

it’s not much, but just having some personal touches on the blank, white walls makes it feel so much more homey to me.  🙂

the living room:

the long skinny frame on the left was a wedding present.  each picture is a letter!  isn’t that awesome?!  zach and i absolutely LOVE it!

here’s a close up of the squares.  the “B” was a shower gift – another favorite!

we’ve also hung some fun things in our bedroom!

the other walls:

close ups:
(vinyl lettering is my new favorite decorating tool!)

the frame on the bottom says “always kiss me goodnight.”  it’s kind of special to us since both of our parents actually have the same phrase hanging above their beds.  i think it’s sweet. 

i love having my own home and making it “ours”! 


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