apropos puzzle love

i can’t believe it’s almost the end of march.  sometimes it feels like time is flying by!  this past month has been a bit of a blur.  with something every single weekend, it’s by far the busiest season we’ve experienced in our married life thus far (all 6 1/2 months of it, haha). 

the first weekend was a friday night and most of saturday seminar at our church on mormonism – what the LDS believe and how we can reach out to them with the true gospel of Jesus.  zach did sound and i administrated. 

the following weekend i helped my mom throw a bridal shower for my almost-sister-in-law, jessica.  then zach and i drove down to tucson to spend a little time with family and friends as well as help provide childcare that sunday evening for their church’s family meeting.  complete with some late night bowling afterwards before driving back to phoenix. 

last weekend zach and i participated in our church’s single’s ministry retreat up in prescott.  zach played drums for the worship band and i… well i just went along for the fun of it.  🙂  we encountered another “first” in our marriage – first night spent apart.  zach went up thursday afternoon with the rest of everyone else, but i had to work so i couldn’t drive up until friday evening.    definitely not my favorite, but we managed.  although the separation only confirmed that i am much more popular than zach is, and he is really only popular because of me, since nearly everyone at the retreat kept asking him on friday when i was going to get there.  haha! *wink*

this coming weekend is a multi-church women’s conference friday night and all day saturday.  elyse fitzpatrick is coming to as the main speaker and there will also be over 15 breakout sessions covering many excellent topics.  it’s going to be a great conference and i’m excited to see how God meets each and every one of the 375+ ladies who are attending.  but good golly it is going to be quite the weekend.  zach is running sound for all the main sessions, worship times, and the largest breakout sessions, and i’ll be working the conference from an administrative standpoint.  i have to be careful not to think too much about what’s coming or i find myself feeling exhausted already – and the conference hasn’t even started yet!  ::pant pant::

so how have zach and i been preparing for this weekend?  by watching episodes of Psych (see “currently watching” above) and working on a puzzlem of course!  we love puzzles and i think they are somewhat therapeutic for me.  zach and i picked this one up sunday night and i just finished it!  we chose this puzzle because it is a painting of a portion of the harbor in Avalon, on Catalina Island – where zach and i got engaged!  and it’s particularly apropos since this weekend (sunday the 28th to be exact) is the one year anniversary of our engagement.  aaawww!


yep, almost all the way at the top, where that bit of land juts out into the water… that’s where my best friend and the love of my life asked me to marry him, and i said, “yes.  a hundred thousand times yes!”

oh and did i mention that my brother is getting married NEXT weekend?  yay!  zach’s doing sound and i’m coordinating.  (i’m detecting a pattern here…)

please pray for grace and strength for both zach and i, as well as the
many ladies both attending, serving and working at the conference this
weekend.  ok the weekend begins bright and early tomorrow, so i better
hit the hay.  ::yawn::  ok maybe one more episode of psych before


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