mini vacation in pasadena

zach and i are enjoying nearly 5 days away in pasadena visiting friends and family.  aaahhh it’s so wonderful being here.  not that we don’t love our friends and family in arizona, but this is zach’s hometown and also where we believe God has called us to one day (hopefully within the next 2 years) live and build our family, so there is a special sweetness to being here.  home away from home.  hopefully home for good before too long. 

we arrived late tuesday night, leaving shortly after i got off work.  one of these days we will hit the road and just go, without having to turn around for something we forgot!  each time it has always been something important (obviously, otherwise we wouldn’t turn back!), but still.  there just seems to always be something.  this time it was the little envelope of cash we had been saving for the last several months to even GO on this trip!  haha!  glad i remembered it as we were going through the drive through just a mile from the apartment!

yesterday we enjoyed sleeping in, going to starbucks, meeting up with mom and dad boomsma for lunch, stopping by the church, and then spending the rest of the afternoon and evening with the family just chilling at the house.  mom made a delicious broccoli cheese soup (the panera bread recipe) and dad made his now-famous homemade french bread.  both were amazing and super delicious.

this morning after a quick starbucks run, zach dropped me off to go hiking with mom and the girls and a couple other homeschooling families from the church.  we hiked in bailey’s canyon – not a long hike, but one that had just enough variety of terrain to make it interesting and a bit of a challenge in a few places. 

zach is doing some film work for Citrus College today and then hopefully some recording with the band tonight.  i’m hoping to get some more sister (in law) time tonight before they all leave on a mother-daughter retreat tomorrow. 

tomorrow we are going to disneyland with jenn and mo!  can’t wait!!!

for now i’m just relaxing at aaron and bethany bairds house, surfing the internet… planning to do some reading… maybe take a nap.  bethany is homeschooling the boys in the other room and i can hear little adalee playing.  cutest thing overheard: bethany called for adalee, who opened the bedroom door, went running into the living room and says, quite inquisitively, “why you NEED me??”  hahahaha!  adalee is now brushing my hair and playing with the two-way zipper on my jacket.  ah, i love kids.  🙂

i love it here. 


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