around the house

(if some of the pictures below appear to be the wrong direction – uh, i’m sorry?  my firefox browser is flipping them, but safari seems to be fine.  not sure about explorer… anyway – if you want to see them properly oriented, it’s probably best to view this post using safari or internet explorer.  ::shrug::)

for as long as i can remember, i have enjoyed home projects.  decorating, organizing, repairing – anything that makes the home a little brighter, cleaner, or better.  and as i got older, i even started to enjoy the mundane and less-exciting tasks (like chores) around the home, because they too make the home cozier, cleaner, better, brighter and more happy and inviting.  now, i may not LOVE cleaning the bathrooms, but i don’t really mind so much because i get to enjoy a clean bathroom afterwards.  in short, i enjoy tending my home.  i also enjoy “improving” my home.  🙂

i’ve been up to a couple sewing projects for my home.  and let me just pause a moment and say “thank you” to my mom for teaching me the basics of sewing, even though i wasn’t the most eager of students at the time.  mom, thanks for not giving me a choice and for putting up with my bad attitude.  🙂  i still actually remember stuff!  like, right sides together, and leave at least 1/4″ for an inseam (and factor that into your measurements), and don’t adjust your fabric unless the needle is down, keeping it in place.  and to measure twice and cut once.  i still ripped out a couple seams while working on the following [very simple] projects, but i was very grateful that i had at least been taught the basics by a patient and long-term thinking mother.  🙂 

in our apartment the washer-dryer unit is in the kitchen.  no biggie, but it’s not the most sightly of items for the main area of the home (esp since it’s visible from the living room as well).  so, inspired my mom the curtain my mom made for her laundry room, i clipped a JoAnn Fabric’s coupon and trotted off to the fabric store for some lovely black-and-white-ish fabric to make a curtain.  for $9 i got some fabulous swirly black/white/grey/silver fabric.  for $3 at wal mart i picked up a basic spring rod.  my old/used sewing machine is giving me some problems, so i used my mom’s to hem the edges and create a simple folded top and voila!  (all pictures below are via my cell phone – sorry for the less-than-stellar quality)

i tied loop knots on either end of some black ribbon to make a tie-back for when i need to get in and out of the washer/dryer frequently and/or repetitively (like today – 7 loads, yikes!):


i also picked up some fabric quarters that were on sale and sewed some tie-backs for the curtains in our bedroom: (no, i did not sew the actual curtains – some things really aren’t cheaper or easier to make yourself)


and while i was busy with sewing projects, my wonderful and amazingly-skilled-and-handy husband built me a cabinet!  what a delightful thing too, because the cabinet/storage space in our apartment kitchen is far from adequate.  necessity is definitely the mother of invention and we have gotten quite creative when it comes to “inventing” ways to keep things (like hanging things above the stove with magnet hooks, storing tons of stuff in the seats and under the benches of the kitchen table/seat set, etc).  but back to the cabinet.

he started with these:

put it all together on the back porch:

painted it and mounted it on the wall for me to use and enjoy!

aaahhh i love it!  the extra storage space has allowed me to clear out the random stuff on top of the fridge and on top of the pantry, plus store a few things that were just being left “out.”  

next up: fresh baked french bread and decorative pillows for the bedroom!


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