me without him :(

as much as i wished and vowed that zach and i would never have to spend a week or more apart once we got married, i knew that wasn’t realistic.  opportunities and such arise and sometimes we just can’t do it all together.  like this week.  the band that zach is a part of – West Coast Revival – was invited to play as the worship band for a conference in San Diego.  so tuesday morning at 6:30am we headed to the airport where i dropped him off, saying goodbye for six days.  oof. 

i am familiar with being apart, though.  i mean, we were long-distance friends before we were in a long-distance relationship, right?  and as much as i don’t like it, i am somewhat versed in how to deal with it.  solution?  stay REALLY busy and distracted!  it’s worked out pretty well since i am in the throes of conferencing with Together 2010 less than 3 weeks away.  it hasn’t been difficult to stay busy and distracted at work with all that needs to be done!

evenings have been a little harder.  oh and night’s are the worst.  i have the hardest time falling asleep when he’s not here, and i definitely don’t sleep as well, either.  but i have manged to fill up my evenings pretty well.  here’s what i’ve been up to… 

tuesday night my sister in law (ryan’s wife) came over and we ate pizza and watched a movie and she slept over.  ryan has been out of town all week so jessica was definitely interested in filling time as well!

wednesday night was ladies night out with my small group gals.  although only one other lady was able to make it, we still had a blast painting pottery together at As You Wish.  i painted a vase with an abstract cityscape.  we’ll see how it turns out!

thursday night i hung with my bestie, raigan.  we had dinner at Joe’s Farm Grill and watched HSM3 (loving the cuteness and innocence and fun songs and choreography while simultaneously poking fun at the unavoidable cheese and ridiculousness we both have to admit is there).

(can you tell i’m taking advantage of the time to do all sorts of things that zach’s not really into?)

tonight is a girl’s night with some of the younger singles from my church. 

saturday is completely full as well – hanging with a fb friend (slash, wife of a high school friend of mine), getting dad’s father’s day present, picking up my pottery, maybe sewing some pillows for our bedroom, making another batch of sweet tea… priorities, you know.  then my Leetle Seester is coming over to spend the night with me!

all the busyness and distraction has definitely helped, although it’s no cure for the missing.  sometimes i feel like a big baby missing zach so much while he’s gone.  i mean, it’s only 6 days.  i will live.  but honestly, i’d just rather be WITH him.  that’s why i married him, right?!  hee hee. 

i’m more than ready for him to come home.  so glad it’s only 48 hours away! 


One thought on “me without him :(

  1. I’m so happy that your Hubby is coming back soon! Yay! So sorry you have to be apart but I’m glad you were able to fill your time & do some things you enjoy! You are such a precious wife & I love hearing about how madly in love you are with your man! I still am with my man too & so grateful for it! : ) How do you make your sweet tea? I’ve been making it at home for about 8 years & I’ve been told by my sweet & very Southern girlfriends that it’s AS delicious as authentic Southern “swait tay” (insert extremely adorable country accent!) : ) It’s super easy & much quicker than the brew & steep method! You might already be doing it the same way but if not I thought it could save you some time & I think it’s yummier too! : ) Happy Hubby-ing in less than 2 days! Yay! Love, Erin

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