sick @ home

well we’ve hit another “first” in our marriage.  we’ve been apart overnight (twice, actually) and now we’re sick together.  zach had a weird stomach bug the first two days he was back and now he’s recovering from a bad head cold.  this morning i woke up with a scratchy sore throat, throbbing head, and aches all over.  i thought maybe if i took a shower and just pushed through, i would feel well enough to head into work.  i got as far as my jeans when i realized that i just couldn’t do it.  ugh.  so back into bed i crawled. 

you know, if i didn’t feel so yucky, it would actually be kinda fun to be sick together.  haha.  but the throbbing head and hearing zach’s hacking cough make it decidedly un-fun. 

so we’re both hanging on the couch… dozing, playing a few games, watching a movie…  eating broth and noodles. 

hoping i feel better for tomorrow.  hoping we both do. 


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