tomorrow – er… later today, hee hee – zach and i leave for holland, michigan!

except for
zach’s immediate family (parents and sisters), all the rest of his
extended family on both sides live in michigan.  one of the cousins is
getting married this weekend and so the family has turned the event into
a mini family reunion and we are all flying back.

a few
things i’m looking forward to:

  • flying with zach for the
    first time!  (we have never driven to an airport and not had to say
    goodbye to each other – aaahhh i’m so excited to BOTH get on the plane
    this time!!)
  • being somewhere that is NOT desert (zach
    tells me that his grandparent’s backyard is literally trees and forest)
  • being

    on the same schedule as my husband (with zach being on something of a
    “night shift” schedule with his video editing work, it’s usually on
    trips and vacations that we actually go to bed at the same time, sleep
    the whole night next to each other, and wake up together.  it feels like
    such a treat.  )

  • seeing our pasadena family (i
    loves them very much and really enjoy spending time with them)
  • seeing

    the michigan family (haven’t seen them since the wedding; haven’t even
    met all of them!)

  • attending a wedding (seeing that i
    think marriage is pretty much the greatest thing EVER, i find weddings
    to be very happy occasions)
  • seeing all the cool places
    in holland that the family has told me about – kirk park, dutch import
    store, downtown holland, wild blueberry bushes, lake michigan)

will try my best to remember to take pictures so i can share them with
you all upon my return!


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