must-share recipes

i personally have really enjoyed when my friends post recipes they have enjoyed.  so thought i would contribute a few winners for you all to enjoy.  🙂

many people avoid enjoying fettucini alfredo because of it’s high fat content with the butter, oil, cream, etc. well, mom has a recipe that is much less fatty and still super yummy!  after making it tonight for zach and remembering how delicious it was, i figured i would share it with you all.

chicken fettucini alfredo

2-4 lbs of chicken, cut into smallish pieces (cubes, strips, whatever you like)
1 T olive oil
1 small onion
2 cloves garlic
1 cup milk
1 cup chicken broth
3 T flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1/2 cup parmesan cheese
1 8oz pkg cream cheese
1 pkg frozen broccoli
1 pkg noodles

on stovetop, begin boiling noodles.  in separate pan, cook chicken, onion and garlic in olive oil.  add all the rest of the ingredients (except for the broccoli) and stir and simmer until creamy and bubbly.

when the noodles are almost cooked, add frozen broccoli and cook for 3-5 minutes or until broccoli is tender.  drain and serve with the sauce!

yep, it’s that easy. 

and for dessert?  my friend callie shared this recipe for Molten Chocolate Cake on her blog.  as soon as i looked at the recipe my first thought was “OHMYGOSH WHERE IS THE PRINT BUTTON??”  i made it that night after dinner and they were SOOO delicious.  and seriously SO easy.  it took all of like, 20 minutes from start to finish and they turned out PERFECTLY.  i was thrilled.  and of course, had to share with you all as well. 



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