“SO! a needle pulling threeeaaad!”

i have rediscovered a love of sewing!  i am currently in the middle of
sewing a bridesmaid’s dress for a wedding i am in at the end of
october.  it’s  a fairly simple pattern, since it’s the first article of
clothing i have sewn in years.

i’m essentially sewing the turquoise one on the far right, except
without the sheer overlay.  the fabric is a rusty-reddish-orangish, with
a pretty shimmer to the fabric!  my mom is very kindly coaching me
through the process since i’m pretty new at this and still learning some
of the terminology and how to follow a pattern.

my goal is to finish the dress by the end of august.  i’m about 80% of the way done so i think i’m going to make my goal!

now that i have something of a sewing bug, i was inspired to randomly
just try something on my own.  i had a cute pillowcase (yes, a
PILLOWCASE) that i had originally thought to turn into a simple skirt. 
but, in a burst of inspiration, i became convinced i could actually
create a cute, drawstring top out of it.  so a couple weeks ago i made
it a sunday afternoon project.  i have to say – i am quite pleased with
the results!
(sorry the pic isn’t awesome – was using my cell phone)

i’ll post pictures of the dress once i’m finished with it!  aahhh sewing is so fun!


One thought on ““SO! a needle pulling threeeaaad!”

  1. Andrea the top is so cute! You are so creative! Great job and I am sure the bridal dress will turn out so sweet!! I enjoy sewing quilts, straight flat seams, but no clothing, hate insetting sleeves and curves. So I admire your initiative.

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